MAC’s Wonder Woman collection is almost here!

If you’re a total MAC freak like me, chances are you’ll know about the Wonder Woman collection due in stores this March.

OMG! You did NOT just mess with my hair! Oh man, are you gonna get it now...

I’m such a MAC fan I often crawl around the web looking for info on new launches (Temptalia and Specktra are great sources), so I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. I reckon the shade selection is interesting and exceptionally wearable. Another plus?  Many of the items have been super-sized!

Get a load of the HUGE lipglasses…

KA-BOOM! The WW gloss completely dwarfs MAC's regular lipglasses. (Image courtesy of

 They’ve also got a MASSIVE Penultimate eye liner.

I line your eyes by day AND fight crime by night. Okay, maybe not the last bit...

 I reckon they might’ve been inspired to go big due to the fact that Wonder Woman was an Amazon. (I only know this ‘cos I read up on her on Wikipedia. Being an 80’s child, I didn’t get to grow up with Mevrou WW, still I so be diggin’ her style…)

I especially like these gold ‘tool belt’ eye and face brush bags available…


…and am v. excited to try the purple mascara.

Coloured mascara is making a seriyas comeback and a little lilac will be just the thing to make my blue eyes go POW!

Brigid from MAC says that samples are on their way. (Weee!) The moment they arrive, I promise to give them a bash and make lots of pretty swatches for you.

Love, love


x x x

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