Looky, looky!

Yesterday morning was particularly kak. My poor little car refused to start once more – and this time there weren’t any tall, dashing millionaire men hanging around to help me out. Thus, I ended up at All Car Electrical in Bree (thanks guys, you were fab!) to get my starter motor replaced. (The horrid little part set me back a cool R1 700… Do you KNOW how many Aldo’s that coulda got me? Especially now that they’re all on sale… *Hiss, fume, stomp…*)

Anyhoo, I arrived at the office in a bleak, irritated state only to discover a big, fat box o’ designer treats had been delivered to my desk. Woop, woop!

Girls, you should’ve SEEN what was in there! We’re talking Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances, Chanel lip gloss and Issey Miyake candles and soaps! *Squeeeaaallll!* I nearly fell over from all the fabulosity.

This is just SOME of the awesomeness. The big box o' bliss also included three HUGE limited edition JPG fragrances coming out next mo, which I'll show off closer to the time.

And you have no idea how much of a tiz in caused in my office. I think I’m now the most envied (and despised girl) within in my team. Hee hee hee! Look at the girls going wild. Waseema’s, like, totally hypnotized by the Chanel gloss and Sue’s got her ‘crazed with Jean Paul Gaultier awesomeness’ face on…

'Oh hey Leigh, you know it's, like, my birthday coming up soon, right?'

Thank you Prestige Cosmetics, you made my day! 😉

Big Chanel-covered kisses,


x x


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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