Clicks’ lovely new footcare range

Remember how those nice peeps at Clicks sent me that big ass box of new products the other day? Well, I’ve been mowing my way through all of them, giving each a good workout to let you know what I think and first up, we’ve got… footcare!

Clicks Private Label footcare range is an INSANELY large line of anything you could ever wish to slather on your tootsies. It’s so big, in fact, that you might find yourself standing dazed and confused in the aisle, wondering what to pick. (They have a whopping FIVE foot creams for you to choose from!)

Four of Clicks' moisturising footsie treats. The fifth is Pampering Foot Butter, pictured down below.

If you want a very light-weight moisturiser that sinks in quick, opt for their Soothing Foot Lotion. It smells delish thanks to the addition of peppermint oil and reminds me a bit of my beloved pink-hued The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Lotion. Even better, it’s almost a quarter of the price. Each and every foot care product is a mere R21,99. Awesome, right?

If you like something a little richer, try the Moisturising Foot Cream. It’s a little thicker in constituency and also has that fresh peppermint smell which helps disguise it’s skin-softening urea content.

The two seriously heavy creams in the range are the Nourishing Heel Balm and Enriching Foot Food. Both of these are unscented and their texture reminds me of Nivea Creme, that deliciously thick cream that comes in the little blue tub.The Heel Balm contains LOADS of urea (25% sommer), so it’ll definitely help soften up nasty, cracked heels. As for the Foot Food, it’s more of a deep-conditioning treatment and makes use of mega-moisturiser like lanolin, beeswax and wheatgerm oil.

As if that’s not enough, they’ve also got a Pampering Foot Butter. This is my favourite of the bunch as it’s a mix of skin lovin’ cocoa butter and beeswax that smells absolutely lovely thanks to the addition of peppermint and lavender oil. Recently, my Aunt Rosie was shacked up in the hospital for a little op and I used this to give her a few relaxing foot rubs. She absolutely loved it and I liked that, due to all those lovely moisturisers and oils, it doesn’t sink in too fast, making it perfect for a nice, long rub down.

My aunt would die if she knew I was posting a piccie of her foot online. (She was sky high on pethadine when I took the shot). But I love her feet. They're so beautiful and brown.

The rest of the range (I told you it was big) includes two exfoliators, a Pampering Foot Scrub and Rough Skin Remover. I wasn’t wild about either of these as I found them to be a little lacking in their pumice content. As a result, both felt lovely, but didn’t do a thing to sort out the hardened skin on my heels.

Their line’s cooling, soothing solutions, however, are fab. You can pick from a Refreshing foot spray, which is great to cool down hot, stiletto-tortured feet and perfect for the girl on the run – just two spritzes and your done! I also like their Cooling Foot Gel, a super-soothing mix of menthol, peppermint, chamomile and arnica. Really wish I’d had it in my stash back in the day when I used to slog it out as a waitress.

As for the Refreshing Foot Soak, essentially it’s a little tub of bath salts that have been fused with menthol, tea tree and peppermint oil. (It’s sitting on my desk as I type and I keep on opening it to give it a sniff. It’s so refreshing and invigorating!) Last night, I used it to give my feet a soak after klapping it on the treadmill and was impressed by how it dissolved with ease in cold water and left my feet feeling crazy-soft after just ten minutes.

Try me, I smell delish!

Last, but not least, the range includes a 2-in-1 Foot and Shoe spray and Refreshing Foot powder. My evil boyf nicked both of these, so we’ll see what he has to say about it later. Being a big, sweaty jock, these are both right up his street.

So, next time if you’re looking for a new sole mate (ha ha… sorry, that was intensely lame…) just swing past Clicks. They’ve got everything you need… and then some.

Love, love


x x

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