Eyecandy brows rocks my world!

The other day, Sonia Potgieter, operations manager for Eyecandy in Kloof Street, got in touch to offer me a ‘brow experience’ that involved ‘threading’. 

Naturally, I was super excited. I’d read so much about le fine art of threading and love to try new things… but a part of me was tres terrified too! A couple of years ago I’d gotten my brows professionally plucked by some poppie at an upmarket spa – and she rukked them so vigorously that I was left with two ULTRA THIN scary little strips above my oogies. Do you know how tiring it was, running around, going ‘Hey there new person who doesn’t know me so well… I, like, totally know you’re looking at my brows with scorn and disgust, so I feel ultra-obliged to tell you that, just in case you think I’m okay with them, I, like, seriously want to kill myself right now…’


Ever since then, I’d been too scared to let anyone touch my brows and have been plucking them myself. (I’ve actually gotten quite good and do most of my friends’ brows too…) Thus, I stepped into the salon feeling a little nervy… promising myself that I’d run for the freakin’ hills at the first sign of an overplucked chiquita… However, I really needn’t have worried. Both Sonia and her super-nice brow technician, Kamenti, have the most beautiful, full, perfectly shaped brows – and fabulous brow know-how to boot. 😉 

Get a load of my brows, especially grown out for the event.

Now here we have Kamenti, whirling her thread around them. Note the mild grimace on my face? It does zing, but I would never go as far as to call it painful in the least.

Kamenti plucked and plucked and plucked and my heart started to thump in my chest. OMG! How much was she taking off? I’ve got to be picture perfect for the Queen’s Plate on Saturday! If I end up having to schmooze n’ booze with pencilled in eyebrows, I’ll just have to roll my car off the side of DeWaal drive…

I was about to leap up and run away when, just like that, it was over. In fact, the whole experience took less than six minutes. Quick as a flash I hysterically grabbed was handed a mirror and lo and behold… utter fabulousness!!!

Ta da, bitches! Full, yet nicely defined brows. (You can click on the pic to see close up if you like...)

As it turns out, it only feels like a zillion million hairs are being removed because, unlike plucking, (which Sonia calls ‘sooo last season’), threading removes every single tiny little baby fine, see-through hair – leaving you with an amazing clean-looking finish. Threading is also much kinder to your skin in that it doesn’t tug or cause the redness associated with any other type of epilation. Even better, it tends to last longer than other hair removal methods!

Girls, I can’t teeeell you how impressed I am. I love my new brows and I love, love, love Eyecandy! I’m also quite taken with their delicious-smelling, all natural, soothing cream, an ultra-calming blend of aloe and especially selected essential oils. (Sonia says this will be available for sale v. soon. It’s just the thing to slap on skin needing a little TLC after any type of hair removal…)

To indulge in an Eyecandy experience of your own, give them a ring on (021) 422 0046. They do brows, lips, chins… your whole face sommer! They also offer eyelash extensions, tinting and more. But you’d better hurry if you want to take advantage of their great specials as they end on the 15th of this mo. Take a squizz:

Summer Glamour – book an Eyecandy manicure and pedicure and receive a complementary Eyecandy Brow Threading Experience.

Party Season Flutter  – book a full set of Eyelash Extensions during December and receive a complementary mini manicure or pedicure.

Colour-me Beautiful  – book an Eyelash tint followed by an eyebrow tint and receive a complementary Eyecandy Brow Threading Experience.

Thank you Eyecandy. I love my beautifully-shaped brows. I can’t recommend your fabulosity enough!

Love, love,


x x

P.S. Want more Eyecandy fabulousness? You can go check them out on Facebook. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Eyecandy brows rocks my world!

  1. They look awesome! I just had the pencil thin thing happen to me. Def gonna try eyecandy out once they’ve grown back!

    1. Kamenti rocks! The operations manager Sonia should definitely take a few hints on professionalism and treatment of her staff in the presence of clients.

  2. I had my eyebrows threaded at eyecandy by the lovely indian girl … though i couldnt quiet remember her name until i clicked on ur blog and tada, there she was. I was so excited and i must say… I had to comment. She did a fabulous job with my eyebrows. I totally love them ( U dont wanna know what i looked like before i had them done – SCARY )
    Thank you Eyecandy. U guys rock my wrld too! 🙂

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