Charlie’s Soft Snowflake nail colour a real goodie

Don’t you love snapping up an el cheap-o impulse beauty buy that turns out to be a total winner?

The other day, I popped into the back end of the Clicks cosmetics sale at the V&A. Pretty much everything decent was sold out, but I did that whole ‘let me buy just one thing anyway, so I don’t feel like this was a total waste of a parking ticket’ manouver. That’s how I came to own a beaten up-looking Charlie nail polish in Snowflake Pink for a mere R19.95.

Having used it a few times now, I can tell you it’s absolutely fab and reminds me of a blend of Essie’s Nude Beach and Mademoiselle.

Charlie's Soft Snowflake - cheap, cheerful, pretty!

It’s the perfect easy-to-wear, everyday nail colour and I love its long, thin brush which makes it v. easy to apply. If you happen to spot it in store (the regular price is just under R40,00), snap it up. You won’t regret it. Just remember to apply a nice top coat, because as with most cheap ‘sparklies’, it loses it’s glossy finish fast!


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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