Maybe it’s the Maybelline Calendar launch!

Earlier this week Maybelline and Glamour held a little shindig to celebrate the launch of the beauty brand’s new calendar. It features top models like Erin Wasson and is pretty exclusive. So much so that there are only 8 in South Africa…
Posing with Jill Grogor and her perfect, Reese Witherspoon-esque highlights.

Jozi-based PR queen, Jill, organized the event. You reallly want to get on her guest list girls, this chica knows how to throw a serious party!

Now get a load of my mate Margaux’s zexy little rokkie…

...and my HUGE wine glass! Leopard's Leap is delish. Woop woop!

Margs is the mag’s beauty ed and reckons that if you invest in one little luxury this summer, you’ve got to make it eyelash extentions. ‘Once they’re in, you don’t need any mascara’, she says. ‘I like to do them in a way that looks natural – like your own lashes, just better!’ (FYI, Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic in Green Point is running a big special on lash extentions – R500,00 for a full set…)

Nicky Greenwall was also there, rocking the most gorgeous wavy blonde locks and rooi lippie. (It’s NARS Jungle Red, just so you know). She’s also a big fan of Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Glow. Its her best party trick when it comes to giving your skin a camera-ready glow.

Blake Lively would be proud...

I also got to chat to Linda O’Connell, Maybelline’s official New York make-up artist.

Time for a refill...

Obviously, I haaad to find out what her must-have Maybelline make-up item is. Turns out she’s crazy about The Colossal Volum’ Express mascara. ‘It contains 100% black carbon pigment, so it doesn’t dry grey. Instead, you get these amazing-looking jet black lashes!’, she says.

I then nearly had a mini meltdown after discovering one of my friends was a secret (well to me, anyway) celeb. See Isabella de Villiers?

Kelly, Isabella and moi. That ballet skirt Miss Bella is wearing is from Lipsey. I swoon over it every time she wears it to work...

She works as a producer with me at Jupiter Drawing Room. We go to radio recordings together, which I looove, if only because the studios always lay out big ass bowls of biltong and licorice! ;-P

Anyhoo, as it turns out, sneaky little Izzy is also an actress, opera singer (yes, really…) and television personality. Right now, she’s busy presenting Gliteratti. Do any of you girls recognise her? I’ve got to be honest and say I’ve never caught the show, but I’m surprised she waited so long to tell me about it. Doesn’t she know I make a living swilling champers and interviewing local sterritjies? Tsk… tsk… ;-P

On the left is actress and ex-Top Billing chica Kelly Parkhurst. I once interviewed Kelly on her top make-up must-haves for and remember how impressed I was by her e-mail. The grammar was perfect, the punctuation impeccable and she’d listed the full names of every single product, practically doing my job for me. Love that!

Anyway, after eating waaay too many mini lemon meringues with the Glamour Girls, I moved outside to hang out with Jill and co.

The dude who's lap I'm sitting on is Arthur Malan-Murison. He's the creative fashion director for GQ and has so much style he manages to show up us vroumense!
Michelle McClean was there too, (centre), looking adorbs as per usual...

What I love best about this pic, however, is the girl in the background sitting directly behind Jill. (You can click on the piccie to enlarge it). Check how she’s making that ‘gun to the head’ sign? Hee hee! Do think having to sit near us girls while we fell around screeching about hair, nails and up-skirt panty shots (!) made her wish for death? Ha!

Now lets get a nice close up on Lee-Anne Summers’ J-Lo-esque hair!

Love your hair bitch!

She says her secret is aqueous cream. She just rubs a little into her palms and runs it through her waves for extra gloss and definition. (Dunno about you, but I can rub all the Nivea into my ‘do as I like and I’ll never get locks that gorgeous…)

As per usual, SA Style Award winner Lindiwe Mabuza-Suttle looked as pretty as an Estee Lauder ad, but she’s crazy for Dermalogica.

The lovely Lindiwe, my 'drunk face' and Michelle doing the beauty queen head toss in the background.

‘Their clay cleanser is amazing!’, says Lindiwe. ‘I like to use it as a mask and it takes away every single pimple’. (Clearly, ‘cos I’ve never seen her with so much as an enlarged pore…

Oh, and get a load of Roxy Louw. She’s my style twin in floral. (Would love to have a helping of her tan too… Posing with her always makes me feel like same pale, dead creature that got dragged up out of a frozen lake or something…)

I think I have a hundred shots of me pulling my face like this, yelling 'It's the button on the left!!!' Really wish my camera was more user friendly...

Oooh! And did I mention there were goodie bags?! Reeeee!

Poor Isabella nearly died when I started digging in mine in the middle of the dance floor. I was like ‘Oooh, which colours did you get? Wanna swap?!!’ She pretty much ran away shrieking ‘Noooo Leigh! Noooo!’

(Just so you know, looking at your goodie bag while you’re still at an event is, like, a cardinal sin. Every party princess knows that you accept le sak with a grace, loop it over your arm with a off-handed ‘ta!’ then proceed to studiously ignoring it. Only once you’ve reached the confines of your car may you rip it open with wild abandon, like a child on Christmas day… Obviously, I know this, but once my champagne-o-metre hits a certain level in my veins, my small town upbringing just, like, totally kicks in… ;-P)

Anyway, for all of you dying to know what was in the bag – I snapped a little piccie.

A good goodie bag... AKA my reason for living... ;-P

Fab, right? Still, I’d like to point out that it didn’t come with a free Windhoek. That belongs to my neighbour, Aaron, who intercepted my crawl walk up the stairs to my flat.

Must say, Maybelline’s new eye shadow is divine – it’s much more pigmented than it’s predecessors and stays put the whole day.

Right, now I’m off to drown myself in a vat of Clarins Liquid Bronze…

Love, love


x x

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