Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner review

So I finally caught up with Claire, my company’s MD, to find out what she thought of the Philip Kingsley scalp toner for flaky/itchy scalps. (She’s one seriously busy boss lady!)

Philip Kingsley scalp toner for itchy/flaky scalps, R200,00 for 75mls

Having used it every second day for just over a week, Claire, who claims to have a tight-feeling, sometimes itchy scalp says it now seems ‘a bit less flaky’, but Β is quick to say it’s not an ‘overnight wonder’. She reckons that you shouldn’t use it once and expect it to work – that you need to use it continuously to reap the benefits.

She also liked that the product smelled really good and I can totally vouch for this. I liked it’s clean, fresh scent and that it didn’t have the faintest ‘medicinal’ whiff that you sometimes get with other scalp treatments. (I once used Vigro when my hair started to fall out – long story – and thought it smelled like licorice cough syrup!)

Claire also appreciated the slick, stylish looking packaging – this baby isn’t going to look ugly in your shower – and found it’s long-nozzle applicator very easy to use.

‘It feels great, so not oily or gunky or gross at all’, she said, adding that her hair ‘has seemed to come out looking a bit shinier than usual’.

Want more info on Philip Kingsley goodies? Click here. You can also shop online. πŸ˜‰


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