The Body Shop Twilight eye palette make-up

Riiight, so I’ve whipped up a little ‘Twilight’ eye shadow look for you. I hope gratefulness oozes from your every pore – using a hi-def camera on Ultra Zoom to get up close and personal with you’re oogies when you’re tapping at 30’s door isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. 😉


Shades from top, clockwise: Violet Sky, Damson Velvet, Pink Champagne, Lilac Mist. Highlighter in Pearl on right.

 Okay, so how did I do it?

First up, you take the second palest shadow, Lilac Mist, and sweep it over your entire eye lid. Then, you hook up a bit of the second darkest colour, Damson Velvet and use it to define your crease. (I put it on a bullet brush, closed my eyes and dusted it in an upside down ‘U’ shape from the inner corner of my eye to the outer corner, extending it JUST A TAD  to the side of my face. I also rubbed a little of this dark shade on the outermost corner of my eyelid and blended it in with Lilac Mist towards my nose.  To clean it up, I whipped out my foundation sponge and gently buffed the bit where I extended it past my eye, so the ‘wing’ didn’t look too harsh or extend too far.)

To finish up, I used the palest shade, Pink Champagne, on my brow bone. I then used the darkest shade of the lot, Violet Sky, to line the bottom of my eye. (I simply put it on the tip of a sponge eye shadow applicator and ran it across the bottom lid). The piece de resistance? Using the special highlighter (Pearl). I simply stuck my index finger into it, closed my eye and pressed it into the corner, my poke leaving a pretty eye-opening shimmer splot in its wake.

And just like that, you’ve got a pretty party eye in a flash!

If you’ve run out and bought this palette, I’d love to see what you do with it. Don’t hesitate to send me piccies – I’ll post them up in a flash. 


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