Highland Fling

I’ve just gotten back from the V&A launch of MAC’s much anticipated holiday collection – A Tartan Tale. Got to schmingle with their lovely make-up artists, fiddle with the new products and knock back yummy a Scotts-inspired cocktail – a Classic Manhattan. (This li’l drinky poo was a favourite among the ‘Rat Pack’. Naturally, it’s made with whisky…)

Being all Braveheart with the MAC models. (Am I really that much of a shorty-pants?)

To get an eyeful of the new goodies, simply click here. Their mini eye and lip bags have totally made my Christmas list. 

Great Scott! My wallet

Of the two lip bags, (one is pink-themed and the other more peach-inspired), I’m particularly taken with the rosier one called Vain & Glorious. It contains Baby Sparks, which is one of my favourite Dazzleglasses in that it’s a glitzy, baby pink that doesn’t wash you out – and thanks to it’s blue-base, helps make teeth look whiter. You’ll also find a nude lip pencil called In Sync and the most gorgeous lippie named Mellow Mood, a sheer, ‘suits everybody’ pink with a nice dose of golden-hued shimmer running in it’s veins. If you like Viva Glam V, you’ll love this!

MAC Vain & Glorious lip bag, R400,00 - perfect for vain and glorious moi. 😉

Go ‘check’ (ha ha) it out in store – some beautiful stuff!


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