Doll face

Wow! The internet and it’s ability to connect people never fails to amaze me. 😉

My blog isn’t search engine optimised yet, but a fellow beauty blogger all the way over in the UK was searching for specific key words online and I happened to pop up. She calls herself Bird on Fire and has left me my very first comment. Squuuueaaaalll! I can’t tell you how excited this got me… I practically jumped up and down. (A part of me still thinks the only person who’ll read this my dad – and not for the beauty tips…)

I checked out her site ( and have included it my Blog Roll (yip, I finally got to grips with the terms, it means a list of blogs you like to read…). I’m most impressed with her Bratz make-up tutorial for Halloween.

Check it out: 

Chica is absolutely beautiful and completely mentalistic about make-up, making her my best, new ‘girl crush’.

Sasha, is that you?

You know you’re a true beauty addict when you pick up a Bratz doll and think ‘Mmm… nice eye shadow… I think I’ll try that at home’.

Birdie girl – thank you so much for the warm words of encouragement. You’re an absolute doll in every sense. 😉

Big fat hug, 



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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

One thought on “Doll face

  1. Like OMG!!!! , that was like so totally cute of you, with all the bitching between online beauty gurus it’s hard to find genuine females williing to give the other a shout out (how will we ever beat the boys if we don’t), totally featuring you in my next vlogging video 🙂

    Oh and in reply to your xmas came early blog, there was a shop in my local area that thought it would be a good idea to whip out the xmas stuff late August just to see if anyone would start buying (silly experiment by the manager maybe), needless to say it had all gone back into the stock cupboard the next week and has only been put back up a couple days ago.

    Much Love 🙂

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