L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate 2011

Yesterday, I attended the fabulosity that was the L’Ormarins Queens plate. Thanks to darling Galia and the girls at Greater Than, the PR company that put the whole shebang together, I scored Stud Club tickets! (Woo hoo!)

Greater Than girls Sammy, Galia and Leandi. Galia's sexy dress is from Only One.

For those of you who don’t know, Stud Club is, like, the ultimate VIP tent. It’s right next to the track, so you get to watch the horsies run by within metres of your nose.

They also have L’Ormarins on tap and serve up a yummy buffet lunch.

See those burgers? They were delish – despite the fact that le evil photographers made a point of telling me that they were made from the meat of the ponies that didn’t do well at last years’ race…

One of the first gorgeous people I ran into while there was Top Billing’s Lyndall Jarvis. Isn’t she divine?

She was sporting the prettiest blue nail polish which she actually makes herself. Girl doesn’t like much of the polish she sees in the shops, so she mixes them up with a clear top coat (‘any will do, just as long as it’s shiny’, she says) to make her own custom colours. Love that!

Tammy-Anne Fortuin was also there, doing her interview thing for All Access. I love that she does her own make-up yet always looks ultra glam.

Tam, I'm being a sweetheart and posting the piccie where I look kak and you like divine as opposed to the other way round. ;-P

I also got to chat to Jen Su, who’s absolutely lovely.

Jen and Peta Eggierth-Symes of Pallu

I once attended the media launch for a new toothpaste and she was the guest speaker. Rekcon she’s the only girl in the world who can make a half hour spiel on plaque-busting interesting to listen to. She was also brave enough to let a little camera rove around her mouth to show us just how clean it was. Gotta love this girl!

Oh! And here’s a shot of moi placing all my money on a pony called Lemonade.

Look at me grinning like a tit – just loving it – totally in the dark about how this stupid beast would come stone cold last and alleviate me of my cash. (I’d picked this horsie as I thought the name was cute, but it turns out ‘Lemonade’ was really just a lemon…)

I also got to catch up with Michelle McClean, who looked breath taking in a gorgeous Kluk CGTD gown.

Don’t you just love this piccie of her and Nicola Breytenbach? Together they look as gorgeous as an Estee Lauder print ad.

Liezel van der Westhuizen was also there, rocking Blue Collar, White Collar shorts that matched her man’s tie.

This is the second time I’ve spotted her out in zexy-looking kortbroek, but then again, if I had legs like hers, I’d probably live in cut-offs.

Another hot blonde out and about? Roxy Louw, looking the epitome of surfer girl chic.

I also got to dig around in Elana Afrika’s make-up bag. Girl is a beauty journo’s dream!

Make-up For Ever lip gloss, Clarins Long-wearing Moisturising lipstick in 141, Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish pressed powder in Chestnut, Lancome black eye pencil and YSL Mascara Singulier.


Dig her hat?

Alas, this pic makes it look like she’s got a bos of flowers growing out the top of it, but I assure it was just a simple, elegant swirl of satin that she found in a vintage shop in Jozi called Reminiscence. Her rokkie, a lovely Thai silk affair, is something she had especially made up in the East. ‘I’m sweating like crazy in this’, she revealed, but it was totally worth it as she later nabbed 3rd place in the best dressed competition.

Another style winner? MAC make-up artist Kyla Rorke.

Kyla came second in the best hat competition, but really, it was her outfit that had me writhing in jealously. Doesn’t she look absolutely stunsville?

While there, I also hung out with Mr Fitness SA, Jeff ‘the Bod God’ Tsoutos.

He was wearing his own label, DRanged Lifestyle, and made a point of telling Karis Piss and I how soft and delicious the fabric was. ‘Just feel it on your skin…’, he said, lifting up his shirt. (Any excuse to take your clothes off, hey cooks? 🙂 )

He and ex-Lotus FM jock, Omesh Authar, were putting out the vibe – twinsville stye – in matching sunnies.

And on the subject of cute boys… I really wanted to track down Aidan Bennetts, who’s name I spotted on the guest list. I felt obliged, for the sake of my readers, to pin him down and expose his beautiful abs to the world once more. Alas, he was no where to be found, so I sunk into a semi-coma of depression and ate half a bowl of deep fried, peri peri corn.

See? That was full to the brim when I sat down, but I worked it down to nothing, despite Miss Karis leaning into my ear, hissing ‘Stop that! What the hell are you doing?! It’s sooo not worth the kilojoules!’

Still, I perked up somewhat upon spotting Gina Athen looking lovely in a Shanghai Tang dress she picked up from their boutique in Sloane Street, London.

I was totally feeling her girlie pink gloss, Clinique Colour Surge Impossibly Glossy Lip Gloss in Prettiest Pink.

And aren’t you totally jealous of her Armani handsak? I’m quite sure that it’s very, very real – not like my beloved Jimmy Choo knockoff that was probably put together by orphans tied to chairs in a sweat shop…

I’ve actually got piccies of Gina and Lyndall sitting on my desk at work right now. I’m currently tweaking the copy for Woolies’ new push-up bra insert which features both girls looking amazeballs. (Looking back, this probably explains why I had excessive amounts of boys lurking about my desk last week…)

Oh! And Fashion Jazz was there too with ex-Wonderbra babe, Lieschen Botes.

Love their nails?

Lieschen in Essie Miss Matched

Jasna rocking Revlon Midnight Affair

Also got to chat to La Muse and her man Seth Rotherham, he of 2Oceansvibe fabulousness. They made a very dapper pair, what with her in a Jackie O-inspired Only One creation and he in a sexy panama hat.

This dude, however, took the cake for me. I’ve spotted stylist Linda Makhanya out a couple of times now and he never fails to impress me with his uber-stylish outfits.


Last, but not least, I got to say a quick hello to Jeannie D. She’s still talking to me, despite having sent me a threat to end my life should I not get onto Blackberry messenger.

Top Billing babes Jeannie and Lyndall

Love her lashes? They’re MAC falsies. I wish I’d managed to snap her from the side – they were so long and beautifully curly, she looked like modern day Elizabeth Taylor a la Cleopatra.

In all, this was an amazing day out. I wish I’d stayed long enough to catch Locnville and Gazelle, which I heard were awesome, but I was overcome by drunkenness fatigue and decided to grab a cab home and snuggle with my sleepy Snoek, who I showered with all the (melted) dark chocloate Lindt bolletjies I managed to pinch from the promo girls. (Score!)

So, did you go? And did you have fun too?

Love, love


x x

GQ online’s launch party

Did you girls have a fabulous public holiday? (I had to spend some of it at the office, wrapping up Woolie’s summer 2011 campaign, but there was light at the end of the tunnel… I got to go to Beluga with a few girlfriends and drown myself in their white chocolate martini. If you haven’t had one, you haven’t lived – it’s like a Milky Bar in a glass!)

Anyway, last night I popped into GQ’s pool party. (It was held at the Table Bay hotel’s pool deck to celebrate the launch of the mag’s new website). As my darling boy was out of town, I decided to take Meneer Dax (he of Relax With…) along as my date.

The weather was a bit overcast and ‘meh’, but The Party Man, Richard Hardiman, was there to whip up a vibe.

Cosying up to the DJ. Always a good thing if, like me, you're fave songs include anything by Bony M...

Richard says the three biggest tracks blowing up the dancefloor this summer are Example’s Kickstart, The Black Eyed Peas’ The Time and Stromae’s Alors on Danse. ‘Whenever I play them the people in the clubs go absolutely wild…’, he says.

Speaking of wild, I want you to get a look at this girl’s hair.

Don't you love how she's coordinated her eye shadow with her locks?

This is model booker Rhoda Davids. She told me her quirky ‘indigo girl’ streaks are actually the results of a happy accident. She tried to put in blonde streaks, but they turned out a little orange. Thus, her sister added a bit of mecurochrome to her locks to try and tone them down. Instead, they turned out a vivid purple that actually looks really striking.

You love?

Another fun hair trend I’ve picked up on is the ‘witblitz’ crop. Everywhere I go I see girls rocking messy, bleached blonde ‘dos. I reckon it’s v. sexy and would totally love to follow suit, but I’m worried that I’m too pale to pull it off. But look how awesome it looks when done right…

Gwen? Is that you?!

This is the lovely Lize Kay (above). You might recognize her from the telly – she’s a presenter on Supersport, but I think she could get work as a double for Gwen Stefani. Her fab red lippie is L’Oreal Colour Rich Boosting Serum lipstick in True Red. ‘I love that it’s super moisturising and smells like cherries’, she said.

Another extreme blonde? The Girl Who’s Much Cooler Than Me That I Run Into Everywhere, stylist Marguerite Oelofse.

That vrou from Roxette aint got nothing on me, bitches...

I asked her the secret to maintaining her crop’s condition and she told me it’s ‘sexy men, whips n’ chains and whiskey…’ Thank God she told me, ‘cos I’ve been getting it wrong for ages, drinking all this bloody vodka…

(FYI, Margs’s the little sis of the equally eccentric Arthur Malan-Murison, GQ’s Creative Fashion Director. He was there, looking sharp as usually, but we were too busy swapping recipes to snap a piccie. He also told me that Carlyle’s on Derry do the best chicken livers in Cape Town…)

I did, however, grab one last ‘seriyas blonde shot’, thus I give unto thee the lovely Liezel van der Westhuizen.

Liezel's blonde maintenance plan is somewhat less exciting - she likes Davine's hair mask.

Look how tiny Dax looks posing next to her! I simply refuse to be snapped with her as the last time we said ‘cheese’ together, I came off looking like a dumpy li’l tree stump…

Anyhoo, after hitting up the Jameson’s bar…

Dankie Jameson's bar people... you were lovely...

… I said my goodbye’s to Jill Grogor, the publicity whizz who put the bash together. She was chatting to Lee-Anne Summer’s who STILL won’t give up any deets about the new movie she’s shooting… She has, however, had to dye her fabulous hair jet black!

Lee-Anne and Jill.

This shot might be the very last of Lee-Anne’s hair before she crossed over to the dark side… Getting it back to blonde is going to be one moerse journey, so lets hope she’s got lots of whiskey and zexy men to take care of any split ends… Shiny T-sections, however, are something she’s never has to worry about – to keep the oilies at bay and create a photo-ready finish in a flash, Lee-Anne relies on GloMinerals GloMatte finishing powder. (Wellness Warehouse is a stockist).

Before leaving, we ran into Nicky Greenwall and her man, Robin Fryer. (Robin owns modelling agency 20 Management. I always see his models Z cards lying around our office…)

Nicky rocking her 'serious' specs...

Nicky’s lipgloss was very much in theme with a pool party – Dior Kiss Luscious Lip Plumping Gloss in Pineapple Cocktail. It smells just like pina colada!

All the yumminess of a poolside PC - sans the kilojoules and hangover...

Schmoozing and boozing accomplished, Dax and I said our goodbyes and grabbed our goodie bags. (Reee!) Now let’s not pretend you don’t want to know what we snagged…

Ta da!

A merry mix of Garnier, Maybelline and Carolina Herrera. Oh, and don't forget the GQ!

I used the Garnier Pure face wash this morning and can tell you it’s tres clever in that it can also be applied in a nice, thick layer and used as a masque.

Right, I’m off to hit the sack and watch the very last episode of Dexter. Is it wrong to have a thing for a character that’s essentially a semi-ginger serial killer?

Later girls,


x x

Fun, fun, fun at the Puma Social Club launch

Just got back from the Puma Social Club and the place was rocking, packed to the rafters with media, celebs and ping pong lovin’ peeps. 😉

One of the first people I stalked ran into was Liezel van der Westerhuizen. Chica is even more gorgeous in the flesh than on the telly and, despite being tall enough to give glamazon Michelle McClean a run for her money, she rocked a killer pair of bright yellow patent heels. In fact, my one regret is not snapping a pic of her shoes.

I'm wearing my highest heels in this shot, but you'd never guess. Sigh...

Did you know that Liezel does triathlons? As a result, her top summer beauty tip is ‘sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen’. Her absolute fave is Dermalogica Solar Defense SPF15 wipes. ‘They’re so easy to use’, she says. ‘I just whip them out and rub them on me mid-cycle or run’.

I also bumped into fellow bloggers; Dax Villaneuva (he of Relax with Dax fame) and Seth Rotherham, king of 2Oceansvibe.

Dax's joke: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb? It's a pretty obscure number. You've probably never heard about it...

Doesn't Seth remind you a bit of a young, better looking Sean Penn? Please ignore the 'emboerrising' pose on my part. The free booze had started to kick in...

Seth tells me that he’s just been sponsored by Mini. Apparently they’re hooking him up with a new Countryman 4×4. ‘It’s got internet radio – so you can listen to 2Oceansvibe radio while you drive!’, he says. The Muse, his gorgeous girlfriend, was there too, but we didn’t get a chance to chat. I did manage to wheedle this out of him though – Miss Pop Ya Collar’s favourite fragrance is Chanel no. 5…)

Oh! And here’s Craig da Sousa. How hot is this oke? I had no idea he was such a looker.

Forgive the severe crapness of this shot. I'd gotten greasy boerie all over my camera lens, which Craig was sweet enough to wipe off for me with his T-shirt.

Dude tells me he’s got a new band called Magic Carpet Ride. You can catch them at Daddy Cools every odd Sunday.

Here’s the boerie roll itself. The chips were a bit too slap for my liking, (Dax also wasn’t impressed), but the rolletjie itself was delicious. And I really do love cheap n’ nasty chilli sauce, the kind you only find at those deliciously dodge vendors that pop up on Long Street after dark…)

Boerie, boerie, boerie!

Once I’d shoved that big boy down, I got into full on celeb stalking mode. Thus, I present you with a shot of me looking like a Smurf next to Schalk Burger.

FYI, Schalk smells like Nivea For Men deo and Dunhill Desire...

The lady in red is Vicki Kemp. She’s a PE gal soos ek, not to mention a big deal race car driver. You’ll also spot Herschelle Gibbs hanging out on the side. Have any of you bought his book yet? I hear it’s flying off the shelves…

There were a lot of other Famous Sport-type People there, but I’m utterly shite in that department. (Yonks back, I once mistook Breyton Paulse for a porter at the airport. To his credit, the guy helped me carry my bags from one side of OR Tambo to the other… )

Now let me tell you about the shoesies!

Puma showed off their new Creative Factory line. It’s a totally cool concept in that you get to design your own shoe – then they make it for you! To show off their skills, they invited a few local celebs and artists to create their own kicks.

I was particularly taken with Lindiwe Mabuza-Suttle’s collection, but that’s mostly ‘cos I she’s an absolute doll and I’m totally biased towards loving anything she does.

Lindiwe's lovelies.

These babies belong to Jack Parow.

JP 'in die moederfokkin huisie'!

My boyfriend is still at his touch rugby practice and doesn’t yet know that I spent the evening schmoozing and boozing with the likes of Jack. I can’t wait to show him the shot below ‘cos he’ll just die a thousand deaths. (Dude’s a crazy fan, prone to breaking out embarrassing T-rex style dance moves the moment Cooler as Ekke cranks up…)

To hell with star signs. The first thing I ask people is what perfume they wear. Jack says he likes 'triple brandy and coke'. 😉

Oooh! I also stalked the shizz out of ran into this darling creature; fashion photographer Margeurite Oelofse. Get a load of her look!

I LOVE how this pic came out like a bad ass mug shot! Chick looks like a zexy modern-day 'Bonnie' sans Clyde.

I reckon Miss O was the coolest-looking girl and the party, coming on strong with a Roxette-style bleached mop and impeccable red lippie. (Her colour du jour is MAC lip pencil in Redd). Her awesome ‘do, however, is courtesy of Hair in Upper Kloof street. ‘Roxanne from LA’ is her colourist and Lindsay gives it the chop.

Yesiree, robot red lippie seemed to be trending this eve.

MarieClaire’s gorgeous ed, Aspasia Karras, was sporting MAC lippie in Ruby Woo. You can’t really see it here, but she went the whole ‘Dita’ with beautiful, ever so slightly winged eyeliner. ‘It’s L’Oreal’s liquid liner and it’s amazing!’, she said. ‘I love that it’s cheap, super chic and has the best brush’.

Ruby who? Woo, darling... Woo...

Her friend, ‘wardrobe therapist’/personal stylist Natalia Keet gave her a little touch up before we snapped a piccie, which, alas, came out ultra blurry. (Sorry girls, this was towards the v. end of the eve and my veins were flowing with vodka…)

‘I’ve got a beauty tip too!’, said Natalia. She swears by rosehip oil, saying she rubs it into her face twice a day to get a lush-looking glow. Her other skin saving secret? Carboxy shots! It’s similar to botox, but is more natural in that it’s a shot of carbon dioxide gas as opposed to… well, poison. ‘Dr. Wilkinson at the Renaissance Clinic is the BEST!’

In all, this was a fun night out. Reckon you should pop in over the weekend and brush up on your ‘vintage sports’ skills…