Review: GR8/SKN RESET Rebooting night serum

If you’ve been cruising the aisles at Dis-Chem you might’ve spotted GR8/SKN. It’s a new brand from the States created by a doctor who decided to make her own sunscreen after growing frustrated with the lack of chemical-free and antioxidant-rich options. From there, her line grew fast and now includes RESET Rebooting night serum (R425).

I’ve been using it for a little while now, both in the day and at night under other lotions and sunscreens, and I really like it. It’s got a super light water-gel texture so it plays nicely with everything and has the most divine scent (like Iced Zoo biscuits!) thanks to a smidge of geranium oil in a concentration so low it’s not likely to irritate.

GR8/SKN RESET Rebooting night serum

As it’s aloe leaf juice-based and contains a generous whack of a mushroom extract that acts as a natural hyaluronic acid, it does a nice job of hydrating and plumping without adding any weight. An oily-skinned girl’s dream! Still, the lekkerness doesn’t stop there. It also contains pigmentation-minimising niacinamide (listed as the third ingredient, nogal); that new super stable form of collagen-encouraging vitamin C I was chatting about the other day a dash of probiotics and retinol. Oh my! They don’t disclose the percentage of the latter, which is annoying, but hey, a dash of retinol is better than nothing.

As I’m hard guns when it comes to anti-aging, I’m not going to toss out my super high percentage vitamin C and retinol serums just yet. Still, in terms of having a nice ‘mixed cocktail’ serum that you can slap on under literally anything on days where your skin can’t handle another klap of something ultra-potent without peeling, this is a very good value pick. It’s a faaar superior formulation than 90% of the utter kak served up for triple the price from luxe yet ineffective jar brands like Lauder.

Anyway, I really wanted to add two more reviews to this post but I’m currently so swamped with freelance gigs I could die. But at least I’ll die financially secure and with GR8 skin*.

Love, love


*Mostly ‘cos I’ll probably be dead by next week Tuesday thanks to multiple deadline-a-litis. Please send me aaaall the hugs and drugs!

8 thoughts on “Review: GR8/SKN RESET Rebooting night serum

  1. Should one use any serums or products containing retinol whilst using retinol? The ordinary says you shouldn’t

    1. I’m not sure I understand the question. If you’re using retinol you can use as much of it as you can tolerate. Just slow down if you start experiencing redness and irritation 😘

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