I’m featured in Sawubona’s digital magazine and now I’m too famous to reply to DMs (Kidding. Message away.)

Last year I spent eight months roaming around South East Asia (or SEA, as the cool kids refer to it), hopping around between Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, the Gilis, Burma and Cambodia.  The meant a whole lot of flying. Like sooo much flying, you guys.

I can now be carried onto any Asian airline blindfolded and know exactly which one I’m on depending on what music they’re playing.

The dude behind the counter at Burger King in Chiang Mai airport doesn’t have to take my order. Every time I drag my weary little body to his counter he knows I’m there for the ‘Mushroom Swiss’.

I can confidently refer to certain areas by their nicknames, as used by too-cool-for-school, much younger than me, man-bun/dread-rocking traveller peeps. (For your reference, Sihanoukville – the shittest place I’ve ever been, save for Club Mykonos in Langebaan – is ‘Snooky’. And Vietnam is just ‘Nam’. See?! SEE HOW MUCH TRAVELLER PERSON STREET CRED I HAVE?

I am now also someone who can be interviewed about her in-flight beauty routine in Sawubona magazine. You can check it out here.


Thanks for the feature Sawubona. It’s a privilege!

Love, love


7 thoughts on “I’m featured in Sawubona’s digital magazine and now I’m too famous to reply to DMs (Kidding. Message away.)

      1. I didn’t actually know that this was an option…. as soon as I pop out #2, just send me the address of this aforementioned beach and I will be on my way (incl. baby weight, stretch marks and a bottomless need for alcohol, runny cheese and sushi)

      2. Snap! Except I have ‘living next door to a KFC’ weight which is much more stubborn than the baby kind. But I’ll self tan us to perfection, don’t you worry. It hides a million sins 😉

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