Who wants to win a R500 Clicks gift card just in time for Christmas?

Earlier this week Clicks spoiled me with a ‘mystery box’ filled to the brim with presents and a sweet note from the PR telling me to use them to spoil my family. Thus, I ripped it open, clutched all the beauty products to my chest like a junk yard dog guarding a steak then stashed all the biscuits I didn’t eat immediately (it contained a LOT of biscuits) into my store room. (Sorry fam! Life is hard, yo. You gotta hustle!)

Oh hello, there!

Still, Clicks is a lot more generous than I am and have given me a R500 gift card to give away. Also, entering is easy peasy and there are three ways to do it.

1. Enter via my Instagram wall. You’ll find the post. Just go look. I’m @lipglossgirlxoxo.

2. Enter via my Facebook page.

3. Enter right here by taking a look at what was inside my mystery box and using the comments section to tell me which of the spoils has caught your eye.

Ready to take a peek?

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Notice how some of the goodies have purple stickers on them? This is ‘cos Clicks’ purple sticker special is back. If you buy any three items marked with them, the cheapest is free! It’s my favourite way to buy stocking fillers. One for a friend and two for me! Better yet, you don’t have to buy three of the same thing. Anything with a purple sticker on it counts. So don’t be dof and buy two purple tagged high rand value items and then throw in a free box of Turkish delight. Nee man! Reach for the Davidoff Coolwater Woman gift set! Work the system like a boss! 

The Body Shop is also running a buy 3 pay for 2 special; selected EcoTools products are 20% off and this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, it feels like just about everything Clicks is selling is either discounted or part of a 3 for 2 special so, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, now is the time to stock up like a crazy American survivalist kitting out a nuclear bunker. This is what I’ve done. Cotton pads… tampons… the fab Dermalogica Microfoliant dupe that is Sorbet’s Salon Skin Daily Skin Polish… If it’s something I’m always buying, I’m buying it right now on special.

Good luck almal!


This competition closed on 14 Dec at 5pm. Congratulations to winner Suzette Viviers.

48 thoughts on “Who wants to win a R500 Clicks gift card just in time for Christmas?

  1. The giant KitKat! My gran introduced me to KitKat, so it reminds me of her. We would sit on her stoep in the early 90s and eat it, finger by finger.

  2. That body shop shower gel! I love all their stuff. It smells so gorgeous AND they’re cruelty-free which is so important to me ❤

  3. I will definitely have to go with the Make up brushes they are stunning i would also love the chocolates buttttt my resistance game is strong due to me being a diabetic.

  4. The Yummy and O’So Delicious, D’Licious Luxury Biscuits Collection. Its Devine😆 and wont last 5 Seconds in my home😂😂😂But they Love it😉❤

  5. Hi i would definitely love the Eco Brush tools set as my fingers are tired of doing all the work makeup wise.

    Ive entered on Instagram as well my handle is @jsomething777

  6. Ashamed to admit, but I’m a total chocoholic. Those chocs and biscuits definately got my attention

  7. Definitely The Body Shop Berry Bon Bon products. I love all things Body Shop but especially their festive season limited editions, the cranberry diffusers from years ago and last year’s pumpkin spice shimmering body spray are yummy amazing-ness.

  8. Ecotools Must-Have Matte Brush Set have caught my eyes. As an aspiring MUA I’d love to have these

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