Review: J. One Jelly Pack Luminous mask AKA my new favourite sheet mask!

Let’s chat about the kiffness that is J. One Jelly Pack Luminous Mask (R70, This guy was one of the items I was sent from online Korean beauty store K-Beauty Africa. I recently tried (and LOVE) their LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence and the J. One mask is another winner. Essentially a treat in two parts, it contains a hydrating charcoal-infused sheet mask and a sample of the brand’s iconic Jelly Pack.

Winner alert!

The mask contains a mind-boggling mix of actives but mainly serves to hydrate, something it does well, as it’s glycerine-based and includes things like castor oil, hyaluronic acid and collagen – all hydrolised so they’ll penetrate better. It also contains a HUGE amount of antioxidant niacinimide, another good hydrator that’s proven to minimise the look of pigmentation. (For you to truly benefit from its skin tone-evening benefits, however, you’d have to apply it every day.) It’s formulation is so fabulous they could easily bottle it and sell it as a serum. I’ve had several cross my path in the last while that are sooo expensive and contain such shitty actives in kak concentrations I feel sorry for the women buying them. In terms of actives, this little mask beats them hands down!

It comes out super wet and slimy – basically swimming in ‘juice’ – so my advice is to squeeze it out a little so you can wear the mask and then apply the rest of the liquid to your face another time. Just roll up the pouch, clip it with a peg and use it soon to conserve it. After use, my face felt pampered and plump so I’d suggest you use it before a big day (or night) out and don’t wash your face afterwards. When you’re done masking it up, roll the mask up into a rag and massage it onto your chest and then you’re all good to apply your make-up. (If you have a dry skin type apply your moisturiser before hand. Like I said, I’m oily-combo so I didn’t feel like I had to.)

The primer’s up top. You can tear it off without having to open it.

Now, as far as part two of the mask goes, it’s essentially a generous sample of J One’s Jelly Pack’s iconic primer. You can apply this should you wish or keep it for another time which is what I chose to do. I wanted to see how it operated all on its ownsome and the short answer is very, very nicely!

I’d read a lot of reviews of this product online and some have raved about it and others have said it was too ‘tacky’. Having tried it myself, I can say that it feels like a thick gel but it’s easy to spread around your face if you use a sponge. It does feel a little ever so slightly sticky but when it dries you’ll immediately see that your pores are most definitely less visible.

Ready to rob ABSA blind!

So, how did it play with my make-up? Fabulously! I had no problems with applying foundation on top of it and it felt like my concealer went on a little thicker, if that makes sense. (You know how your eye shadow goes on darker when you use a shadow primer? It kind of worked like that.) Also, from a bang for your buck point of view in terms of actives, it’s a winner in that it’s also a niacinimide bomb and includes all sorts of skin lovin’ ingredients skin plumping hyaluronic acid, soothing chamomile flower water and antioxidant-rich fermented black tea extract.

If you’ve been considering investing in J One Jelly Pack (the primer) then most definitely treat yourself to the 2-part sheet mask first. You’ll get to ‘try before you buy’. I really liked it but, at worst, if you hate it, you’ll get to enjoy a hydrating pamper session via the mask.

If I spot these babies in the East when I travel next month I’ll be buying a whopload. If not, I’m glad I can buy them online via

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Review: J. One Jelly Pack Luminous mask AKA my new favourite sheet mask!

  1. I bought the white version of this mask, also with the primer, from Pink Cosmetics a short while ago. I’m saving it for a special pampering (although I totes feel like slapping it on tonight haha). I have to say, it’s more affordable on K Beauty, but I assume that’s because they specialise and probably order in greater bulk than Pink Cosmetics.

    1. Ja, I think K Beauty buy huge amounts at a time. I’m hoping to find it overseas so I can bring back millions (all for meeee!) but if not I’m happy to buy online.

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