Gurrrrl, please tell me you’ve sniffed Lush’s lovely new Gorilla perfumes? I’m having a secret love affair with ‘I’m Home’.

If you’re a Lush fan you probably know their OG Gorilla perfumes – Karma, Dirty, The Breath of God – but they’ve recently launched a whack of new ones and many of them are fabuuuulous!

But ja, a quick side bar for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about. Back in the day, when Lush’s owner dude first created a line of essential oil-infused fragrances, someone referred to him as a ‘guerrilla perfumier’ which he thought was funny as considered himself more ‘gorilla’. And just like that, the name stuck.

So, let’s flash forward a bit. If you visit Lush online you’ll see the Gorilla perfume line up’s  had a bottle makeover and expanded to include newbies like fresh, slightly masculine-smelling Rentless, spicy Cardamom Coffee and citrusy What Would Love Do? Each perfume is inspired by art, music and poetry with an and aims to tell a story and evoke memories.

Lush kindly sent me a bunch of scented wash cards relating to their new perfumes and asked me to pick a favourite but it was damn near impossible.

This was like choosing a favourite child.

I think I must’ve been getting my period or two days into Atkins because, usually I’d beeline fo the lighter, citrusy fragrances but I was totally craving ‘sweet’ and couldn’t stop sniffing I’m Home (R445 for 30ml and R875 for 100ml.). Just listen to its delicious description: ‘Rich Colombian cocoa brings a deep, dark chocolatey base to I’m Home, while vanilla brings a delicate sweetness. The lavish essential oil benzoin resinoid adds an earthy but fudgey fragrance.’

Generally, I really don’t like sweet fragrances at all but, weirdly, this hits the spot. When I sniff it I get a mix of mostly white chocolate (not dark) and vanilla paste (not el cheapo vanilla essence), and, thanks to the resin, it’s got an opulent, oriental feel that lends it a little maturity, keeping it miles away from ‘vanilla teen body spray’ territory. It also reminds me of something from my youth (like I’m soooo old) that I associate with happy memories but I can’t put my finger on it. I think that’s a large part of why I like it so much because, like I said, 99% of all chocolatey-vanilla fragrances are dead to me.

See that sassy orchid in the background? That’s Harriet, my new baby. We’re a perfect match as she also enjoys an endless YouTube stream of country music, 80s pop, Frank Sinatra, HRH Judge Judy and anything relating to true crime.

In short, I’m Home is the kind of thing I look forward to wearing out and about in cooler weather or on any old day when it’s just me working from home and wanting to be surrounded by a ‘comfort scent’. Does anyone else have something like that? A scent they love to bits but wear it when they’re not going out or simply getting into bed? I have a few, my ultimate favourite being a Sabai Arom Coconut de Samui body spray I buy in Thailand. Weirdly, it smells just like buttered popcorn!

Anyway, if you’re anywhere near a Lush be sure to pop into store and give their Gorilla perfumes a sniff. You’ll find they’re also selling solid scent versions for just R145. Brilliant because it’s so hard to pick a favourite and yet it’s January and I’m broke AF.

Love, love


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