Fragrance reviews: Carolina Herrera Good Girl, Hollister Wave 2, Montblanc Lady Emblem L’eau, Diptyque Philosykos and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Glace

A bunch of new fragrances have crossed my path so who’s keen on a bumper review?

If you’re a fan of Carolina Herrera Good Girl EDP (price TBA) and its super cute stiletto-shaped bottle you’re going to love the limited edition glitter version that’s just dropped in time for Christmas. Super cute packaging aside, the juice is still the same – a bold white floral warmed up by a dash of coffee and dollop of cocoa.

All that glitters!

The notes: Almond, coffee, jasmine, tuberose, orris, sandalwood, cocoa, vanilla and tonka bean.
It smells like: A fleeting whisper of almond latte (yum) quickly followed by a mix of white flowers and something cool, leafy and green before drying down to a creamy vanilla with a subtle hint cocoa that makes me think of a chocolate martini.
Wear it: On a night out in cooler weather when you’re feeling glam. It’s sparkly stiletto-shaped flacon gives you the impression it would suit a younger, party girl but the fragrance is actually a lot more sophisticated-smelling.

Prefer your fragrances a little more on the lighter side? Hollister Wave 2 For Her EDP (R495 for 50ml and R695 for 100ml) is a very easy to wear fruity-floral. Inspired by the California sunset, it’s created with a care-free, beach-loving ‘Cali girl’ in mind.

Surf’s up!

The notes: Mandarin, coconut water, peach, waterlily, pink freesia, tiare flower, driftwood, white sand and vanilla orchid.
It smells: Fruity but not overtly sweet. If this were a cocktail it would definitely be a spritzer garnished with a slice of peach and a frangipani flower.
Wear it: Casually. This is the kind of spritz-on-and-go scent that’s perfectly suited to a breezy summer’s day when you’re running errands or hanging out with friends.

Another easy-to-wear, albeit much more elegant, fruity-floral is Montblanc Lady Emblem L’eau EDT (R745 for 30ml, R995 for 50ml and R1195 for 75ml, Edgars, Red Square, Foschini and Truworths). Inspired by a summertime stroll in a rose garden, you’d think it would be overtly rosy but it’s not. It’s a subtle fragrance with more petals than fruit.

I love the colour of this bottle.

The notes: Green mandarin, violet leaves, white peach, litchi, rose, magnolia, white cedar, musk and benzoin.
It smells: Pretty and fresh! There’s also something a little bit aquatic about it so it’s more like a garden after a spring shower than one that’s in full bloom.
Wear it: On a sunny day when you’re wanting to feel feminine and sophisticated yet relaxed. (I’d consider this a goodie for work or play.)

Moving on, luxury French cosmetics brand Diptyque Paris is best known for their lustable scented candles but they create fragrances too and are finally available in South Africa. Much like Jo Malone, many of their scents are unisex and focus on a single note. A good example is Diptyque Philosykos EDT (R1 385 for 30ml and R1 824 for 100ml, Skins Cosmetics), a green, woody celebration of fig.

Must. Love. Fig.

The notes: Fig leaves and wood with a touch of white cedar.
It smells: Like an earthy fig tree complete with milky sap and soil! Forget all the synthetic fig notes you’ve experienced in cheap bath and body products. This is real deal!
Wear it: Any time you want to whisk your senses off to an orchard in the Mediterranean.

Lastly, let’s talk about Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Glace EDP (R895 for 50ml and R1 195 for 100ml). There have been several interpretations of the original scent but, as far as I’m concerned, this new ‘iced’ version is the nicer of the lot as it’s not as sweet due to the absence of toffee and caramel. Those who adore the in-your-face gourmandness of the original might dislike it for that very reason but to me it’s a plus so I’d encourage both Juicy die hards as well as newbies to give it a sniff.

Pretty in pink!

The notes: Frozen mandarin, pear sorbet, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood.
It smells: Like the original Juicy – a creamy white floral – but not nearly as sweet. I don’t pick up on the ‘icy sorbet’ aspect at all – to me it’s still pretty ‘warm’ with the pear and jasmine notes coming through strong.
Wear it: To an ‘occasion’ (i.e. not just to Spar) during the day regardless of your weather or age. I know that the packaging is intensely ‘girlie’ but the scent could easily be worn by an older woman. In a way, it reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Arden’s Untold.

So, which one of these newbies is calling your name?

Love, love



11 thoughts on “Fragrance reviews: Carolina Herrera Good Girl, Hollister Wave 2, Montblanc Lady Emblem L’eau, Diptyque Philosykos and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Glace

  1. Leigh, hello! Please, can you tell me if you would like Carolina Herreira for yourself? I have tried perfumes that you love and I love them too! So if you do not like this one, then I won’t too. Please advise? Mwah!

    1. Hi hun! Perfumes are so personal. If you like it you must wear it. Don’t take my opinion into account. Life goals is wearing the fragrances that makes you happy 😘

      1. Oh, Leigh, my sweet Pecan nut pie! Your words are so cool and thanks for encouraging me to do me. However you are the one that introduced me to the kinds of scents that I love because every time you mentioned perfume which YOU love in one of your blog posts and I would go smell it, I would absolutely love it. So I really do like the smells of the perfumes you like. I asked about the Carolina Herrera because I saw someone selling it for a good price on a Facebook group and just wanted to hear what you thought of it. I did not end up buying it because after smelling it at a store, it was a bit too sweet and chocolatey for me. I like to eat chocolate but I do not want to smell like a person who works in the Willy Wonka chocolate factory. Would you be so kind as to share your current favorite perfumes for summer and winter? Lotsa lumpy love! ❤

  2. Hahaha dammit! I wanted to know your favorite perfumes so I could spray it in my special room which is plastered with pictures of you. I light candles in there every night and worship you. LOL! Oh Leigh, you crack me up! Ag Okay, will try smell ones when I am in the mall ever again, but it’s so much easier to just order something online which you know would be a hit! Boohoo, but still like you and will still read your epic posts, okay! ❤

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