Review: Tweezerman Petite Set, NIVEA Q10 Plus C anti-wrinkle + energy skin sleep cream and Spalicious Strawberry Pavlova body lotion and scrub

Most women will own a slant tip tweezer but if you don’t have a point tweezer in your clutches then it’s time to make a plan. It’s brilliant for grabbing super fine, teeny tiny baby hairs but, for me, it’s my weapon of choice when it comes to freeing and removing ingrown hairs.

Now, despite the fact that I love my Tweezerman tweezers (I own both a slant and point), I’m an asshole tweezer mommy, who lets them roll around wild and free in my make-up bag. I know this isn’t the best way to treat them – it blunts their tips – so I kept telling myself I’d take them out and find a separate place to keep them. But I haven’t. I just treat them mean and hope they stays keen but they won’t. In fact, I recently lost my slant tip! This is why I’m thrilled to now own a Tweezerman Petite Set (R499, Dis-Chem), a gorgeous pink leather case that contains both a slant and point tweezers!

It takes two, baby!

If you’re currently working with a rubbish pair of tweezers and it’s time to upgrade I strongly suggest you splurge on a Tweezerman. They’re bestsellers for a reason. Also, if you don’t own a point tweezer then investing in the Petite Tweezer Set is like a no brainer as you’re essentially getting the very mooi-looking case, which is also available in purple, for free.

Cheers unwanted hair, it’s been real.

Moving on, NIVEA have recently launched Q10 Plus C anti-wrinkle + energy skin sleep cream (R169,99). I LOVE that it’s packaged in a tube that’ll preserve it’s contains it’s main active – a whopload of skin brightening, collagen-encouraging antioxidant vitamin C. I don’t know the percentage so it’s not exactly going to rival something like Dermaceutic’s vitamin C line but it’s sitting up nice and high in the ingredients list in a way that’s fantastic for the price point.

Hello lovely!

Other goodies in the mix? Hydrating Shea butter and glycerin plus soothing panthenol and NIVEA’s favourite antioxidant – co-enzyme Q10. Studies have shown that vitamin C and Q10, when used together, improve their cellular metabolism-boosting abilities which, in layman’s terms, helps provide more ‘energy’ to your skin cells which improves their functioning.

I know NIVEA considers this a night cream but I’ve been wearing it in the day (underneath a foundation with an SPF) and find it works like a dream with make-up and isn’t too rich for my oily-combo skin. As far as well-formulated, antioxidant-focused drugstore hydrators go, NIVEA’s newbie is a winner.

Lastly, Spalicious has launched two sweet treat-inspired limited edition collections for summer – Litchi & Rose and Strawberry Parfait. I was sent the latter (sold in a set for R630) and love that, to me, everything smells like strawberry Yogi Sip! For the record, I consider this a good thing as it’s a yummy, super nostalgic scent!

Of everything I tried I most enjoyed the vitamin E-enriched ‘smoothie’ body lotion as it’s easy to ‘spread’ (the body butter doesn’t have enough ‘slip’ for my liking), absorbs fast and leaves your skin delicately scented in a way that won’t interfere with your perfume.

Just looking as this pic makes me crave more drinking yoghurt!

Generally, I like body scrubs that are super-duper scrubby as I use them to strip off old self-tan but rather liked Spalicious’ salt-based vitamin C and E-enriched scrub. It’s very gentle but still concentrated enough to make a difference to the more sensitive area that is my chest. I’ve used it there several times and it hasn’t caused any irritation. It also like that, despite containing grapeseed oil, it doesn’t leave a greasy-feeling oily residue on my skin. A pet hate!

If you’d like to try Spalicious products yourself you can find them in selected spas. To locate one nearest to you give the brand a shout on (011) 312 7840.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “Review: Tweezerman Petite Set, NIVEA Q10 Plus C anti-wrinkle + energy skin sleep cream and Spalicious Strawberry Pavlova body lotion and scrub

  1. I totally agree with you on the Tweezerman tweezers! Honestly, anything ‘Tweezerman’ is brilliant – their eyelash curler is the best I’ve ever used (even better for me than my Shu Uemura….although I will probably be assassinated for saying that….) The Spalicious goodies sound amazing too!

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