Reviews: Letibalm nose and lips repair balm, L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Gel Crayon 24H and Nivea Oil-in-Lotion body lotion

How kak is this year’s flu? Seems like everyone I chat to feels like they’re either getting it, currently tackling it or, like me, is just getting over it. While I appreciated the chance it gave me to lie in bed and binge watch The Handmaid’s Tale (so good you guys! OMG!), I could’ve done without the blinding sinus headaches.

Anyway, while my nose was pouring like a tap, I got a chance to whip out something that lives in my li’l medical supply box and have served me well through multiple flus and that’s Letibalm so I was very glad to receive more of it earlier this week.

Letibalm is available as both a balm and fluid. (R70 each, Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay and selected pharmacies.)

Specially formulated to help soothe dry, chapped skin irritated by constant nose blowing, Letibalm contains natural hydrators and soothers (think lanolin, Shea butter, witch hazel and gotu kola) as well as decongestants like camphor.

When I first came into contact with it I was all ‘ja, ja, this is a nice-to-have but nothing good ole’ Vaseline can’t do’, totally underestimating how much I’d come to value it. It really does feel incredibly soothing and today my nose would be a train wreck without it. It’s definitely earned it’s place as a staple in my li’l box o’ dwelms and, while I’ll use both the fluid and balm, I’ll probably buy the balm as I can slap it on thick and it stays put for longer than the fluid.

Letibalm the lifesaver!

Also, how cute is the li’l bag it came in? It was made by Sparrow Society, a local non-profit company
that provides skills training and job opportunities to those who need them. You can learn more about them and shop their products over here.

Moving on, L’Oreal have launched a new waterproof eye pencil – Infaillible Gel Crayon 24H (R159,95, Foschini For Beauty) and its fabulous!

Four shades ready to take up squatters rights on your eyelids…

Back to Black, Browny Crush, I’ve Got The Blue and Violet Va Va Voom all glide on like magic. No dragging! No drama! They’re also very easy to blend but once they’re ‘set’ they stay put.

I’ve worn both Browny Crush and Back to Black – applying them in the morning – and was impressed with how it managed to look freshly applied even at the end of the day. Sure, my waterline needed a little touch up, but it was still visible in the afternoon and that’s impressive.

You can figure out which shade is which, right?

Despite their awesome staying power, they’re also very easy to take off, provided you use a proper make-up remover designed for waterproof make-up, things that are oil-based, bi-phase or micellar.

All the colours are fabulously pigmented save for the lightest one, the violet, which delivers it’s colour a little unevenly. This let’s the squad down ever so slightly but if you’re looking for a simple ‘sit tight’ eye pencil in any of the three other shades then L’Oreal definitely has your back.

Moving on, Nivea has always served up nice options in the body lotion department and have just added a newbie to their line up, Nivea Body Oil-in-Lotion (R47,99 for 400ml). The name doesn’t really roll off the tongue but the product itself is a decent pick for anyone wanting a simple glycerin-based body lotion that benefits from the inclusion of an oil.

Oh hey there, new kids!

There are two variants – Vanilla and Almond Oil and Cherry Blossom and Jojoba Oil. Both fragrances are very subtle with slight powdery-ness to them but not enough to offend me, a die hard ‘powder hater’. In fact, the best way to describe the scents is merely ‘clean’ which is exactly what I’d want from a daily body lotion. (I personally don’t like to wear anything that’s going to fight my perfume for attention.)

More plus points? Despite being aimed at ‘normal to dry skin’ and touting the words ‘oil in lotion’ which gives the impression that it might be heavy or ‘rich’, its actually super light and absorbs super fast. Also, due to the silicone content, your skin feels ever so slightly silkier once it’s dried.

Love, love