Let’s get mixy matchy with Skinceuticals!

Skinceuticals has always been big on mixing and matching, encouraging you to buy one of their basic moisturisers and then pick ‘additives’ that suit specific concerns from their line up of targeted treatments and serums. It’s an expensive way to roll as many of their actives could be included in the moisturiser but there’s nothing stopping you from using a drugstore moisturiser and then springing for one of their treatments if you’re on a budget. While their products work well together, nothing is mutually exclusive.

To promote getting ‘mixy matchy’ the brand sent me their Phyto Corrective Masque and a few vials of their bestselling serums to see how I’d mix it up so here’s how I plan to use them.

First up, the Phyto Corrective Masque (R1 120, Skinmiles) goes straight into my hoarding draw, the place where I store products I really like. As it stands, I still have an almost empty jar of this product sitting in my bathroom cabinet. For me, it’s a winner and you can read my full review over here. On days when my combo-oily skin feels dehydrated or irritated due to using too much retinol or AHA it’s a go to for a super soothing moisture boost.

Love this!

Now, what would I mix into it? Nerens! For me, it’s perfect as it is. However, if my skin was mega dry and I wanted to bump up the mask’s hydration factor further I’d add a few drops of Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Moisture-Enhancing Fluid (R1 324, Skinmiles). It contains lots of water-binding, skin plumping hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 (panthenol), another hydrator that also has soothing properties.

If you’re looking for a hyaluronic acid serum this is a good pick.

Anyway, like I said, when my skin needs a moisture boost I go to the mask and that’s enough, but I can’t wear the mask every day, even though you can leave it on, as it doesn’t play nicely under foundation so this is where the Hydrating B5 fluid comes in. Over the winter I’ll be merrily mixing it up with my daily moisturiser as a way of increasing its hydration factor without having to swap out it’s light, lotion texture for a creamier one.

The other two actives Skinceuticals gave me? Their Retexturing Activator (R1 320, Skinmiles) – a 25% urea-derivative formulation to gently exfoliate – and Phyto Corrective Gel (R930, Skinmiles).

I’ve yet to try the texturiser and will update this post at some point with my thoughts. As it’s a water-like liquid I could pair it with anything, day or night.

25% urea and ready to roll!

As far as the Phyto Corrective Gel goes, this is a goodie as it contains the same hydrating and calming actives as the Phyto mask sans a calming peptide that helps reduce your skin’s perception to heat. It’s also got a super light, almost water-like texture. So, on those days when I want to reach for the mask and want to wear make-up I’ll simply use this guy instead. I’m actually wearing it right now as I type and am happy to say it sunk into my skin in a flash (I applied it before my moisturiser) and it didn’t create any tide marks when I applied my foundation. Nice!

Say hello to a hydrating super soother.

As it stands, I don’t know if it reduces redness as well as the mask does and I’m not anal enough to do a side by side patch test but when I compare the two ingredients lists together it looks like it might contain even more hyaluronic acid than the mask, so from an ‘extra moisture dose’ with additional calming benefits perspectives it’s a winner.

So! Having read all that, your first question might be this: ‘I want extra hydration and calming in my life too and specifically want to use Skinceuticals products to do it. Should I pick the hydrating and calming B5 serum or the Phyto one when both could fit the bill?’ To be honest, I think you’d do well with either of them. Both contain hyaluronic acid and while B5’s panthenol can soothe similarly to the botanical actives in Phyto, Skinceuticals pitch the B5 as more of a hydrator and the Phyto as a soother so maybe the former contains more hyaluronic acid than the latter? Looking at the ingredients list makes it hard to tell.

Anyhoo, as it stands, my favourite Skinceuticals product is still their sunscreen. And that pairs fabulously with anything!

Love, love


8 thoughts on “Let’s get mixy matchy with Skinceuticals!

    1. Hi hun! Which product are you referring to? I don’t see why anything here wouldn’t be suitable for sensitive skin. They’re all hydrating and soothing. Even the urea product is a more gentle way to exfoliate than by using AHAs.

    1. I’ve actually realised I don’t. I’ve reviewed it before it must’ve been for All4Women.co.za back in the day when I was working for them. Just know it’s lovely stuff. An SPF of 50 with a non-sticky matte finish. I wear it often when I run and tend to alternate it with Heliocare’s gel, another high SPF super-light wonder. Which one I use depends on which one I find first in my room 😉

  1. Ooooh you’ve definitely sold me on the Masque – currently going through the Retin-A adjustment uglies and my poor flaky face could do with some soothing.

    On an unrelated note, which hair colourist do you go to? I’m looking for someone who does good blonde and I love love love your hair! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I go to Andrette at Mooi in Gardens. Been seeing her for years. Just ask her for highlights like Leigh (she’ll know who). I always have to tell her to make them slightly thicker and to get close to the roots (sometimes she makes them too fine and I hate that) and then you’ll be hundreds 😉 Her prices are good. I pay R500 for a half head every two months.

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