New reviews: Filorga Nutri-Filler Lips, Maybelline Master strobing sticks and INOAR Vegan shampoo and conditioner

French beauty brand Filorga recently launched a new lip product called Nutri-Filler Lips lip plumping balm (R445, selected Edgars stores). A clear, fruity-smelling balm, it comes in a handy and hygienic twist-up pen and has a texture that reminds me of a slightly sticker version of Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, albeit its formulation is a lot more advanced.

Filorga’s new lippie.

Obviously it hydrates and seals in moisture thanks to Shea butter and natural oils the way many other lip balm would, but it also contains Filorga’s patented NCTF vitamin and mineral-rich complex plus a peptide mix that helps boosts your skin’s natural collagen production while instantly plumping them up. In this way, it definitely falls into the anti-ageing treatment category, so you definitely can’t just call it a fancy lip balm. In saying that though, don’t get too excited if your main goal is plumping. It ‘fills’ your lips in the same way a hyaluronic acid serum would plump your face, meaning it’s a temporary, moisture-boosting fix that will only be noticeable if you started out with fine, dehydration lines.

The last thing is promises is to help perk up the colour of your lips via a ‘brightening agent’ that reacts with your lips natural pH to give them a tint. I’m a big fan of these type of lip products as I love a natural stain, something to give my lifeless lips a bit of klere, even when the balm wears off but for some reason I almost didn’t notice any colour change at all.

This tip is a soft one that feels kind of like your own finger.

Still, in saying all that, if you’re after a lovely lip balm that’s going to help do more over time than simply act as a hydrating balm then this is a nice one.

Moving on, I want to tell you about Maybelline’s new Master Strobing Sticks (R159,95, Dis-Chem). I’m not a huge contouring/strobing fan. I’m just too on the go and reckon my face looks okay as it is but blerrie hell do I have love for this product!

New friend alert!

Each stick (there are three shades) serves up a good dose of shimmer with a single stroke and it blends like an absolute champion. On top of that, the ‘shimmer’, is more of a super flattering glimmer, provided you don’t get it anywhere you have fine lines.

Being a cool-toned fair skinned blonde, I’ve been using the lightest slightly pink shade (Light-Irridiscent 100) to highlight my cheek bones at night and the result is really pretty and natural. It kind of makes your bone structure pop when the light hits you just right at a dinner party. No tween-age glitter ball over here!

From left to right you’re looking at 100, 200 and 300 swiped…


…and blended.

I could also easily wear the slightly darker, more warmer shade (Medium Nude-Glow 200) when I’m wearing self-tan on my face, which is often.

Next time you’re in store please give these babies a swipe and let me know what you think. I’m a big fan!

Lastly, vegans will be glad to know their options have expanded thanks to INOAR Vegan shampoo and conditioner (R320 for 300ml each, INOAR).

These bottles are going to last for ages.

The sham is SLS-free and both cruelty-free products are made using hydrating antioxidant-rich plant oils like coconut, olive, argan and macadamia nut oils. Also, the conditioner’s gotten the thumbs up from those using the no shampoo or co-washing method.

The shampoo is a pearlescent one that, despite being SLS-free, creates a nice lather. The conditioner reminds me of the more hydrating ones in Garnier’s Ultimate Blends line and has a nice, gentle scent that makes me think of The Body Shop’s cocoa butter line.

Bunny approved!

As I’ve got baby fine hair that requires daily washing so I’ve found them too hydrating to use every single day but, my flat mate who’s got thicker, drier hair is now a super fan. (For the record, she’s not a vegan but she likes using products that are more natural wherever possible.)

Love, love


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