Review: Filorga Eyes-Absolute Ultimate Anti-Ageing eye cream

French beauty brand Filorga have recently launched a new eye cream and this one’s rather nice. I wasn’t in love with their existing eye cream as it was packaged in a jar and, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I don’t like cosmetics that expose it’s actives to air. The newbie, however, Eyes-Absolute (R840 at, lives in an air-tight tube so already we’re off to a good start. It also sports a ‘cyro-applicator’, a very fancy word for what’s essentially a metal tip that lends application a cooling-sensation that, Filorga reckons, will help the product better penetrate your skin.

Promise-wise, it aims to help minimise the look of fine lines and dark circles while improving firmness, ‘brightness’ and the condition of your lashes.

Filorga Eyes-Absolute
Filorga Eyes-Absolute Ultimate Anti-Ageing eye cream

As far as lines go, my first line of defence has always been what I consider the most effective solution – retinol* and Botox. But I can’t use retinol every day and not everybody is comfortable with needles so having an eye cream you can use day and night is a nice gap filler. Filorga’s formula relies on a tripeptides with a Botox-like action to help minimise muscle contraction. Obviously this is no match for Botox itself, but topical muscle relaxants have been proven to make a mild, but still visible difference. You won’t see this instantly, however, the effect is cumulative. Still, thanks to mega-plumping hyaluronic acid, Eye-Absolute can help minimise the look of fine dehydration lines, something you’ll notice shortly after the very first use.

Dark circles? These are always super tricky to beat. Often people have them simply due to the fact that the skin under their eyes is thinner so you can see all the vessels that lie beneath that. (If this is you, your best bet to blitz them is with concealer or a temporary filler that’s injected under the skin. I have friends who’ve done the latter and it works like a bomb.) Still, if you’ve got poor circulation in this area, it can look worse than it has to, so Filorga’s eye cream aims to lessen the impact by using peptides that help improve blood flow.

Here's that cooling tip I told you about.
Here’s that cooling tip I told you about.

In regards to firmness, Filorga are relying on two botanicals (silk tree and St. Paul’s wort) to help boost the production of collagen and protect their degradation. I can’t really comment here as I don’t know too much about them or if they’d be more effective than more extensively proven collagen-boosters like retinol, AHAs or vitamin C. They are living up to the brightness promise, however, thanks to the inclusion of illuminating soft-focus pigments to give your eye area a super subtle but instant glow.

You can't really see the pearlescence in this shot, but hey, I tried.
You can’t really see the pearlescence in this shot, but hey, I tried.

Now, last but not least, let’s talk lashes! There are several very simple topical vitamins and hydrators that can benefit hair and many of them can be found in the most basic of moisturisers. I totally thought Filorga would just pull one out of its formula and be all ‘and it contains X so it conditions too!’ which would be true, but no more exciting than what you’re probably using already. But, happily, it’s actually more sophisticated than that. Filorga’s using an isoflavone and tetrapeptide mix that inhibits the creation of DHT, a hormone that shortens the growth cycle of your lashes. So, with regular use, your lashes don’t get the message to stop growing and stick around a little longer than they should, resulting in a denser-looking lash line. Who doesn’t love that?

Love, love


P.S. Filorga’s isn’t the only eye cream that’s made a good impression on me. I’ll be chatting about another one next week so keep an eye on the blog.

*Every time I mention a retinol serum I get a flurry of questions as to which ones I recommend so in a bid to pre-empt them here’s the answer: My current favourites are Exuviance Super Retinol Concentrate (R850, both at Dermastore and Skinmiles), NeoStrata Skin Active Retinol + NAG Complex (R1 360, Skinmiles), Dermaceutic Active Retinol 0,5 (R950, Skinmiles) and Dermaceutic Activ Retinol 1.0 (R1 010, Skinmiles).

In order of potency, Exuviance is 0,25%, NeoStrata is 0,5% and Dermaceutic lists their percentage on the bottle (0,5% and 1%). The key is to start low and build up a tolerance. I’m currently using the NeoStrata product simply because its the strongest of what I have on hand and even then I can’t use it every day.

All of these products, with the exception of Dermaceutic, are available from both Dermastore and Skinmiles but I’ve listed the store in brackets where the pricing is currently the best.

I still have a lot of love for Paula’s Choice retinol serums but now that the cost of delivery to South Africa is through the roof they’ve fallen off my radar in favour of the aforementioned that are just as effective and easy to access.

10 thoughts on “Review: Filorga Eyes-Absolute Ultimate Anti-Ageing eye cream

  1. What do you think of Phformula’s vitamin A cream? Thinking of trying it but would like your thoughts on it. Thanks

  2. Thank you for this article, I’ve been wanting to try out Filorga and this has cemented my decision! X

  3. Great review. Thanks. Does it have any age limit? Isn’t it very strong for young people? Fx. a 38 years old woman with just fine wrinkles?

    1. I Mahnoosh! I’m 38 and in the same boat as you. Active ingredients like retinol and vitamin C should be used as early as your mid 20s because they stimulate your existing collagen to reproduce. The idea is to create as much collagen as you can while you’re young to keep you going when you’re older. The idea that certain products have ‘ages’ to them is mostly bullshit made up by the beauty business. You will benefit from high strength vitamin C but it’s just a case of sensitivity, not age. If I were you, I’d start with Lamelle’s 20% product and once your skin gets used to that, move up to the 30%. Hope this helps!

      1. Many thanks for your reply. I ‘ve always used natural oils for my eyes when I was a tinager and eye creams from my 25 and forward. Now I have fine lines that gets lit deep when I smile. I have used many different eye cream but not so effective. So can filorga eye absolute be a suitable choice for me?

      2. And do you mean that vitamin C Lamelle’s 20% can it be enough for eye? And no need to use udual eye creams?

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