Beauty bits and pieces: Dove Purely Pampering body wash, Milk Solutions Garden hand & body lotion and YSL Vinyl Cream

Dove have recently launched a new line called Purely Pampering that aims to help you create a tranquil spa-like experience in your home. To celebrate the launch, they sent me a pamper pack that included the new shower gels and soaps plus a yummy little box of vanilla-infused dried coconut flakes that lasted all of two seconds. (Thanks Dove!)

Ready to pamper while you cleanse?

While mowing through the coconut I noticed the press kit had a little perforated area that assumed was to release some kind of relaxing aroma so I gave it sniff, smelled nothing and assumed I’d been given a dud. Oh well! I then shifted it onto the couch in my room which acts as a ‘to do’ pile of things to photograph and that was that. But noooo, this pack had plans! As it turns out, it contained a little speaker that emits the tranquil sound of bird song. I’m assuming it’s activated by movement or something but this little dude just didn’t want to work. That is until the middle of the freakin’ night when it decided to burst into a surprise peal of twittering that nearly induced a stroke a la terror! Nice one Dove, you assholes.

Just kidding. You know I like your shizzle, with a special shout out to your epic Intensive Repair hair treatment. But let’s get back to Purely Pampering. Two variants are available, Shea Butter & Vanilla and Coconut & Jasmine Petals, and both are lovely. Some days I think I like super subtle coconut best and then, when the weather’s a little cooler, I like the warmer, cosier Shea/Vanilla fragrance. I’ve yet to try the soaps (I’m not really a soap person) but both the washes do a great job of cleansing without stripping and provide a relaxing sensory treat. If you’d like to try them, now’s a good time to buy as Clicks is offering 20% off selected Dove products (including the body washes and soap plus hair care) until 23 October.

Moving on, let’s chat about a proudly South African product that’s going global and that’s Milk Solutions, a professional range of spa products with a focus on manis and pedis. It’s divvied up into three lines – Milk & Honey, Fruit and Garden and I was given a few from the latter to play with.

Milk Solutions Garden goodies.
Milk Solutions Garden goodies.

I liked that the Garden goodies were all nicely formulated using loads of top-notch hydrators and antioxidant rich botanicals. For me, the stand out was the Rooibos & Honey Hand & Body Balm.

Milk Solutions Garden Rooibos & Honey Hand & Body Balm
Milk Solutions Garden Rooibos & Honey Hand & Body Balm, R255.

It’s got a gel-creme texture, absorbs like lightning and left my skin feeling nice and supple with the gentle scent of rooibos and honey. As far as ‘actives’ go, it’s loaded with replenishing glycerin, omega-rich grape seed oil, Shea butter and watermelon seed oil. Most interestingly though, there’s a whackload of Kigelia Africana extract in the mix. Also known as ‘the sausage tree’ due to the weird, sausage-shaped fruit it produces, it’s extract, which has antibacterial properties, has been said to be great for anyone suffering from sensitive, irritated skin as well as conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Interestingly, I can’t find honey or rooibos listed in the ingredients list, but perhaps they’ve just been used to provide the fragrance. There is, however, a dash of antioxidant, collagen-encouraging vitamin E as well as a smidge of retinyl palmitate, an ultra mild version of retinol.

To find a spa in your area stocking Milk Solutions products you can visit their website where you can also purchase the products online.

Lastly, you should know YSL’s added to their divine lip stain range. As you know, I’m a big fan of their Rouge Pur Couture glossy stain, a glossy liquid lippie that wears off to reveal a long-lasting stain. Now, they’ve created Vinyl Cream lip stain (R520), an intensely pigmented ever so slightly less glossy (but still glossy) lip colour that also leaves a stainalicious pop of colour in its wake.

Hello new friends!
Hello new friends!


A precision tip makes applying easier but I tend to end up using my finger to smooth it out once on.
A precision tip makes applying easier but I tend to end up using my finger to smooth it out once on.

I’ve noticed the Vinyl Cream is a bit less tacky and a bit more sheer than the glossy stain, so in a way, it’s really more of a beautifully pigmented liquid lippie that feels fabulously comfortable on your lips. I liked that the initial cream aspect, despite feeling slightly more lightweight, was long-lasting. Then, when it wears off after a few glassies of bubbles, you can rest assured that your lips are still rocking the stain which is incredibly long-wearing so you’re never without a pop of colour.

BLAH and BLAH slicked on the left and in their stain form on the right.
Explicit Pink and Rhythm Red slicked on the left and in their stain form on the right. Note that the ‘red’ is actually a coral shade.

Want, want, want? They’re exclusive to the gorgeous new YSL boutique in Sandton City. Speaking of exclusive, you’ll notice the new YSL Touche Eclat Slogan edition highlighter pen in my piccie up top. It featured on my Instagram and twitter very early in the month so you girls could grab it while it was hot as it was a very limited edition that was sure to sell out in days.

Were you one of the lucky few to nab one? I’ve literally just called the store to see what’s left and have been told they still have fifteen pens in shade no. 2. If you want one, you better run, run, run!

Love, love


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