I’m having a real moment with Woolworths new African Ingredients Calming line

Woolworths sent me a few items from their new African Ingredients range, available in two variants – Engergising and Calming – and they’re all utterly divine. Both lines are made using natural ingredients from Africa including an extract from the resurrection plant, a mysterious antioxidant-rich shrub that ‘hibernates’ in the desert during a drought but miraculously comes back to life again at the first sign of rain.

The Energising line up features refreshing Kalahari melon and mint and has a soft, sweet smell with just a teeny hint of zingy mint. In fact, it almost reminds me of spearmint. No overwhelming menthol over here, thank you very much. The hand cream is lovely in that it hydrates like a boss thanks to glycerine and lots of Shea butter but absorbs fast and leaves the teensiest hint of fragrance in its wake.

The Calming line, however, is my baby. It’s made using soothing Cape chamomile, oats and lavender but my nose can only smell the latter and it’s heavenly. Remember when Johnson’s used to make those bed time baby wipes with that soft, sweet lavender scent? I totally mourned the day where they discontinued but now I live all my gentle lavender dreams through Woolies’ new collection.

Pretty packaging, right?
Pretty packaging, right?

Growing up, I never used to appreciate lavender as I associated it with oumas and cheap Christmas stocking-style bath products but I’ve since learned I was totally sniffing the wrong stuff. When you discover good lavender… expensive, classy lavender… the kind that conjures up the image of a French villa basking in the sunlight of Provence… you soon realise its one of the most beautiful fragrances around. (As we ‘speak’, I’m in my kitchen with one of my favourite ‘clean house’ Yankee Candles burning – Lemon Lavender – which to me smells like what I imagine the aforementioned fantasy villa would be like.)

I’m now completely in love with Woolworths African Ingredients Calming luxury bath milk (R180). It creates a gentle foam and I love how the scent lingers on your skin after you’ve gotten out the tub. I then layer up with the African Ingredients Calming Oil Roller Balm (R99) which also has the same scent. I apply it to my wrists (and sometimes even swipe it under my nose!). I like that putting it on signals ‘bed time’ which helps me to unwind and mentally prep to turn off.

Next time I’m in store I’m going to pick up the Calming body & massage oil (R180) so I can complete my lavender cloud o’ calm and hope to goodness Woolworths expands the range a bit more. If they every bring out a linen mist I’ll be buying it by the barrow full.

Love, love


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