Did you catch me chatting about Alicia Keys’ ‘no make-up movement’ with the Fash Pack on Expresso last week?

If you’re an early riser you may or may not have caught me on Expresso chatting with the Fash Pack. I’m actually appearing on the show every Friday for the rest of the month which is great. I shove as many of their freshly baked muffins into my bag that I can get away with and get my make-up done by a pro. (Afterwards, I like to blast my face with Urban Decay’s setting spray and rock my Expresso look for a good five days before it starts to flake off*.)

Speaking of make-up, if you watch last week’s clip you can learn all about Alicia Keys’ new #nomakeup movement before terrifying my fellow Fash Packers with a wet wipe.

Love, love


*Please tell me you totally got that I was joking?

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