Did you spot me chatting about microblading on Expresso’s Fash Pack?

Every now and again I pop up on Expresso as part of their Fash Pack to chat fashion and beauty trends with their regulars – Alexis Chaffe Mey, Margaux Knuppe and Robyn Kahn. The latter wasn’t around this time but we did have a special guest in the form of Mela presenter and all round kiff chick Carishma Basday.

Last Friday I focused on a new beauty trend called microblading.

Never heard of it? You can watch the clip to find out what it’s all about. Spoiler alert – pretty much all the Kardashians are doing it but aren’t going to tell you about it.

How cute are the show’s li’l doggies? At one point one brushed past my leg without me realising it had been there and I had to stifle a scream on live TV but thankfully the camera wasn’t focused on my face at that point so you’d never know it.

Love, love


P.S. If you were wondering, the Expresso crew are the nicest, coolest bunch of peeps around. Every time I pop into set they’re so friendly and welcoming. I honestly have no clue how anyone manages to crack a smile when their job requires they get up around 4am so it’s safe to assume they’re all probably aliens.

P.S.S. Keep an eye out for future segments. We’ll be holding Alexis down for a microblading demo that I plan to do myself but only after I drink several cups of coffee to control the tremor in my one hand. Weirdly, she’s not returning my What’s Apps about it so I can’t confirm a date but I know I’m super excited about it.

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