So here’s what went down at 5 for Change 2015

As expected, the annual black tie charity fundraiser 5 for Change, was a blast but as I’m typing this from my sick bed and feeling like utter pooh I’m going to roll things out in bullet points (gasp!), slapping in a few piccies at random that should do most of the talking.

Pretty, pretty!
Cape Town City Hall looking especially pretty.

Things you need to know:

  • An absolute fortune was raised for charity. In fact, there was one dude who spent over R50K on a Plett holiday (!) so Karisa and I made it our goal to seek him out and offer ourselves up as potential sister wives. Alas, this only lasted about as long until my friend Kerry was all ‘Er, wouldn’t you rather want to find the guy who lost? That dude’s still got just under half a bar to throw around’.

    Kerry teaching me how to be a Bad Ass Bitch.
    Nice work Kerr Bear! Love the way you think!
  • Of all the charities I was most fond of Read to Rise. I know, I know. When it comes to charities you should be all ‘OMG, it would be look picking a favourite child…’ But I’m a biased, horrible person and like the one that teaches impoverished kids to read ‘cos I really, really like books.

    Kim, Karisa and myself hanging out at the Read to Rise stand.
    Kim (my ex-flat mate who I love and adore), blogger bestie Karisa and myself hanging out at the Read to Rise stand.
  • My date was the dashing Elrico Bellingan, he of Expresso’s Fash Pack and the fashion and lifestyle blog Luxo. He usually wins Best Dressed man wherever he goes but this time he failed to reel anything in despite my ponying up for two bottles of bubbles and sending him back to Abu Dhabi* with a pocketful o’ MAC for his kifftastical wyfie Ritza. This is why we’re no longer friends anymore. Thanks for being a Style Loser, Elrico. (Mental note: Next time take the over friendly Dent Magic dude who calls you ‘dearest’.)

    Could the anti-red eye tool have made me any less psychotic looking?
    Could the anti-red eye tool have made me any less psychotic looking?
  • Obviously, being a total Style Master, I never make fashion mistakes. Like ever. Except for the night of the ball when I wore a purple bra under my dress. (I couldn’t find my favourite black one, okay?) This showed up fabulously under flash lighting causing my friends to christen me Barney Tits. This was not fun.

    Barney called… he wants his bra back.
  • Karisa and I were both completely physically and emotionally drained and told ourselves we’d only stay for one drink, shoot some charity shizzle and then go home to bed. But we didn’t. We got spectacularly drunk (or at least I did) and this was fun.

    We spent a lot of time at the bar but only 'cos it was super pretty. Promise.
    We spent a lot of time at the bar but only ‘cos it was super pretty. Promise!
  • Good Luck played and they totally killed it. A hundred thumbs up there.
  • The food is generally always good but this year it was fantastic. Think truffle scented fries, butter soft prawns and super tasty caramelised onion, feta and spinach mini quiches. Not shoving everything I saw into my face for fear of busting out of my Spanx was hard work, yo!
  • The next day, my hangover almost killed me and I couldn’t figure out why. I mean, I always do so well on straight bubbles. But then I looked at my camera and discovered a string of shots like this.

    Cheers Niall!
    Cheers Niall! It was lovely meeting both you and gorgeous Kate. Thanks for, dare I say it, baby sitting me, at one point?

And a big thank to Kirsten and the crew from 5 for Change! As always, your event turned out to be one of the highlights of my social calendar.

Love, love


*I’m not joking when I said that. El and Ritza now genuinely live in Abu Dhabi. Like for real. And yes, I miss them terribly now that they’re no longer in Cape Town so here’s hoping their desert flirtation lasts about as long the flowers you buy from Fruit & Veg City.

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