Join me for a chat about skin care on Clicks’ Facebook page tomorrow

So tomorrow I’ll be live on Clicks’ Facebook page at 2pm for an hour to answer all your burning skin care questions.

Let’s not pretend that lippie colour will ever match my skin tone…

Feel free to add them at the time or stick ’em up right now. I can see that many of the questions are asking the same thing so if you don’t get a direct answer from me (but I’ll try my best) please scroll through the other replies to find some good advice.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Join me for a chat about skin care on Clicks’ Facebook page tomorrow

  1. So, my skin has turned 40 (I swear I don’t know how that happened) and I probably need to update my skin-care regime (face wash/day cream/rosehip or bio-oil at night). I’ve heard of retinol, serums and AHA’s etc but it’s all very confusing! I don’t have the time, money or inclination to have to use loads of fancy potions on my combination skin – can you recommend a product for day + something for night + something for my eye area? Pretty please?

    1. Hi Colleen! You don’t need an eye cream – that’s just marketing bull shit. Whatever serum you use on your face can go on your eye area too. So, if I were you I’d buy a retinol serum from Paula’s Choice (I think it’s and a good AHA cream from Environ. Wear a hydrator with a sunscreen like Neutrogena’s Visibly Even SPF30 in the day and then alternate the AHA and retinol at night. Both of the latter are quite strong so if you peel or go red or whatever, slow down to AHA twice a week and retinol 3 times a week or whatever. But those three used in a way that works for you will be a safe bet in terms of being bare bones basic yet effective.

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