Beauty bites: Essie Smokin’ Hot, John Frieda Sheer Blonde oil elixir and NAFHA argan oil

So Essie sent me a nail colour called Smokin’ Hot (R120). It’s not new and has been on the shelves for a while but with cooler weather coming up they reckon it’ll get popular fast.

Essie nail polish in Smokin' Hot
Essie nail polish in Smokin’ Hot, R120, selected Clicks, Dis-Chem and Foschini stores.

Generally, I wear bright berries and reds in winter to elevate my pale skin from Zombieland, but this actually looked good on me. (I later read the blurb they sent me and it turns out this is something Julianne Moore wore it to some fancy pants event and she’s a pale peep too so it’s basically the universe saying ‘Go forth and rock this mani in all your pasty winter glory, white gal!’)

I really like that you only need two coats to get full opacity and, like most Essie colours, it wears like iron. The only downside is, being a very dark hue, you have to make sure your painting skills are up to scratch and that you don’t flood your cuticles in the slightest.

I attended a John Frieda bash the other day and was given a hamper of goodies. I’m really enjoying using their Sheer Blonde Blonde Hair Repair conditioning treatment (R95, exclusive to Clicks) as I’ve recently coloured my hair and this is doing a good job of putting back the moisture that highlights sometimes take it and, despite wantonly applying it to my roots area, it doesn’t weigh my super fine hair down in the least.

I'm too hung to go drag this out my shower and photograph it so embrace my stock pic with love, okay?
I’m too hung right now to go drag this out my shower and photograph it so embrace my stock pic with love, okay?

John Frieda have also launched a new hair ‘oil elixir’ especially for blondes. It’s essentially a mix of silicones with a bit of sunflower oil and white tea to ‘bring out glistening highlights’. I have no clue if it’s possible for this to lighten or ‘enhance’ or whatever it’s trying to say it does and reckon it would do a good job on any hair colour.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brightening oil elixir, R110, Clicks.

As the formula’s nice and light, it’s ideal for anyone with a finer hair type that isn’t in need of serious frizz-busting i.e. me. I’ve been using it on my lengths when I remember – applying it to wet hair before blow drying – and like that it makes brushing easier and offers a little bit of heat protection. It’s hard to judge the shine-enhancing factor as my hair’s always been super shiny all by itself. (I know, I know. You hate me. If it makes you feel any better know that I spilled a bottle of bright fuchsia polish all over my white duvet this morning so that’s the karmic wheel of life turning right there, girls. Don’t be jealous bitches, okay? Nobody knows my inner world is awash with painful linen dramz, okay?)

Last but not least, there’s a new Argan oil-infused beauty brand in town called NAFHA which means ‘breath’ or ‘essential’ in Arabic. It hails from France, however; is certified organic and can be found in selected Edgars stores.

From cleansers and scrubs to anti-ageing lip and eye treatments, it’s all here.

I got to try the Cosmetic Virgin Argan Oil and was impressed that it’s 100% antioxidant vitamin-rich argan oil as opposed to 99% other oils and just a teensy dash of argan, which is the case for so many other argan oil bandwagon brands. Also, the oil’s garnered from handpicked argan tree kernels as opposed to collected via those found in goat poop. (Yep, I also totally didn’t know that that, for the most part, is how they get it!)

I like that the pale gold-coloured oil feels silky and light is totally scent-free. The handy li’l roller-ball (R260 for 15 mls) is ideal to keep in your handbag and use as an on-the-go cuticle hydrator but if you’re keen to hydrate bigger things, like your hair or bod for example, its best you buy the bottle (R580 for 100 mls).

John Frieda
NAFHA Cosmetic Virgin Argan Oil, R260, selected Edgars stores.

See anything you’re keen to try? Tried anything and keen to share? Chat to me in the comments section below.

Love, love


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