Review: Mesoestetic Energy C intensive cream (Heads up, it’s a goodie!)

Mesoestetic is a Spanish medical skin care company that, aside from medical aesthetic devices and in-salon only products, also has a very nice ‘home maintenance’ line of anti-aging skin care products.

One of them is Energy C Intensive Cream (R818, selected salons), a brightening lotion formulated to zap the first signs of ageing being fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Mesoestetic Energy C intensive cream

I’ve been mentioning vitamin C a lot lately as several vitamin C-enriched products have crossed my path but to recap it’s essentially one of my favourite skin care ingredients along with retinol and AHA. I love that it’s an awesome antioxidant, encourages your skin to produce more collagen, lightens up the look of pigmentation and can reduce inflammation.

Anyway, the big plus points here regarding Mesoestetic’s formulation are the following – the form of vitamin C they’ve used – ascorbyl glucoside – is super stable, meaning it’s formulated in a way where it’s more resistant to breaking down in the presence of air, heat and light. Also, it and all the other ingredients are preserved further thanks to air tight and opaque tube packaging. Hallelujah! (FYI, if you’re currently using anti-aging products in a jar, you might as well start rubbing it on your feet. Also, if you’re placing your trust in a cosmetics company that sells several of its anti-aging products in jars you’re totally misplacing it.)

Aside from the vitamin C, the lotion also contains hydrating glycerin, soothing oat kernel extract and a bit of vitamin E, another good antioxidant.

As far as texture goes, Mesoestetic call this product a cream but it’s really more of a lotion that absorbs well and is perfectly suited to my combination skin type. Anyone with a slightly drier skin type might find they need a bit more hydration and could possibly team it with something like a mega-moisturising hyaluronic acid serum.

Lovely stuff!
Lovely stuff!

Anyway, here’s the bottom line – this is a pricy anti-aging lotion but no more so than those from other luxurious (mostly bullshit) beauty counter brands. The difference here, however, is that it’ll actually make a difference and for that it gets a two thumbs up.

To find a stockist in your area, visit the brand’s local website over here. One of them happens to be Pulse Dermatology and Laser in Durbanville where I recently received an impressive skin tightening laser facial. You can read all about that over here.

Love, love


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