Review: Lipidol Cleansing body oil

Heard about Lipidol yet? A line up of six oil-based beauty products, its exclusive to Clicks and going for R80 a pop. It consists of two cleansers – one for face and one for body – as well as an after shower oil, sunscreen oil, after shave oil and overnight face oil.

Lipidol Cleansing face oil, Cleansing body oil, After Shower oil, Sunscreen oil, After Shave oil and Overnight face oil.

They all promises to do their jobs without stripping your skin of its natural moisture, actually hydrate a bit and then seal it in. (As you know, if you pour a little oil on top of moisture, you’re not going to lose it to evaporation and it’s the same deal with your skin.)

I attended the Lipidol launch the other day and learned the range was initiated by the creators of Bio-Oil and developed by a team of highly skilled scientists. They all banged on about how it was seriously next level tech but never really explained it so I don’t know how it’s any different or more advanced than other oil-based competitors but I can tell you this – the zingy lime-scented Cleansing Body Oil is very nice.

Lipidol Cleansing body oil
Lipidol Cleansing body oil

I was given it to try and, while it’s very clearly an ‘oil’, it still emulsifies with water to create a sort-of lather and I love that. (I never really feel like my skin or hair or whatever is truly clean unless whatever I’m using foams up a bit and while I know that’s just my brain being moronic it’s just the way it is. For this reason, I always reach for foaming facial washes as opposed to milky ones.) Once you wash it off, your skin feels clean, but not squeakily so.

Aside from containing natural oils like soybean and castor, it also makes use of interesting plant extracts like antibacterial neem seed and soothing holy basil leaf.

I also tried the After Shower body oil and, while others have raved about it, I wasn’t a big fan. It’s supposed to smell like chamomile, to me it smells like ‘nothing’, and that together with its kind of medicinal-looking packaging makes me feel like I’m using straight up liquid paraffin on my skin as opposed to what could be something indulgent.

I’m now keen to try the sunscreen as I love oil-based SPFs and have been told it smells like the Mediterranean. Has anyone given it a bash? Is that true? Also, if you’ve tried any Lipidol products yourself, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Love, love


10 thoughts on “Review: Lipidol Cleansing body oil

  1. I tried the sunscreen oil over the weekend, but I didn’t really sniff it, so can’t comment on the scent. But it feels great and I prefer it over and heavy suntan oils I’ve used in the past. Worth giving a go 🙂

  2. I’ve only tried the after shower oil and agree that it doesn’t really have a scent. I like that it’s easier to apply than normal body lotion or butter. It does a decent job of moisturising and leaves my skin with a nice sheen. Pity about the scent though as I do prefer applying a lotion/oil with a scent that lingers for a while after I’ve showered

  3. Bought the Cleansing Face Oil yesterday, think I’m going to be very happy, after washing don’t have that tight dry feeling as I have with other foam washes. Will try the other products.

  4. I love the product. Got the Cleansing Face Oil & Overnight Oil and it just works so well! I don’t see myself using anything else again…

  5. I was introduced to Lipidol when visiting my daughter Shanna in Cape Town in November 2015 and couldn’t stop using them during my stay. When I returned to KZN I spoiled myself with the face oil, body oil and after-shave oil for my legs. I thought using them in humid KZN would result in an ‘oily feeling’ but can honestly say: this is not the case! I’ve now introduced it to my friend who was visiting me from Mauritius and she’s gone back home with a loaded suitcase of your products. A happy client!

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