Review: Lancome Grandiose ‘swan neck’ mascara

Lancome’s new Grandiose  ‘swan neck’ mascara (R399) boasts a curved wand that promises to create a wide-angle fan effect for your lashes.

The cap is see-thru with Lancome’s rose laser printed in the centre. Tres fancy pants.

Lancome reckon their ergonomic wand and elastomer-moulded short bristle brush head helps you coat more of your lashes with ease, even the very short ones. As for the formula itself, it makes use of Lancome’s Native Rose-Cell extract that ensures a ‘smooth’, buildable, high gloss, clump-free mascara. It’s also jet black and rather waxy so it doesn’t smear, run or smudge. One more plus? The swan neck kind of acts like a cake batter churner in that it mixes the mascara in the tube every time you twist to open, so the formula doesn’t dry out and remains fresher for longer.

To use it, Lancome says you’re to start with the outer lashes, holding the brush in such a way that the swan neck curves upwards. You’re then to rotate the brush so the neck faces downwards to get right into the inner lash line.

So, what did I think? Initially, I found using the brush a little awkward as I was so used to using a straight one and I’d get mascara all over my eyes but it’s crazy how quickly you adjust – kind of like when you drive someone else car. At first you’re all ‘Errrrmigod! Where’s the indicator on this bloody thing? We’re all going to die!’ but within 24 hours you’re merrily cruising down the highway blaring Taylor Swift.

Bare eye on the left and all swanned up on the right.

I really, really liked the colour of this mascara. It is jet black and really pops against your skin. As far as the effect goes, yep, it does create a nice wide-eyed, feathery look in that it does a great job of defining and extending each lash. If it’s serious volume you’re after, however, you might be disappointed – it’s really more of a ‘separator’ and ‘lengthener’, if that makes sense. Still, I love the way it looks and it’s totally found a happy home in my make-up bag.

Love, love


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