What’s New in the Zoo featuring Accessorize, El Jimador tequila and Blistex

So Accessorize sent me the cutest little friendship bracelets (R169).

Ag cute man!

It was a belated Easter surprise and came with a box of choc and jelly eggies. I totally intended to set them aside so I could snap piccies of the bracelets along with the sweeties but came home a leetle dronk the other night and pretty much funnelled the entire box into my face before crashing into bed. (Sorry Charli!)

I’ve had fun wearing these and like that you can use ‘em to make cute li’l ‘combos’ or separate the pack and dole them out to your friends and watch while a cat fight ensues over who gets the heart and owl strings.

The stripey heart watch, in case you’re wondering, is a limited edition Swatch the company created for Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, if you’re digging these little guys, you know where to get ‘em. And if your Cape Town-based, make a point of popping into Accessorize’s new flag ship store in Canal Walk next time you’re in the mall. It’s huge!

More cool stuff that crossed my ‘desk’? A big ass bottle of El Jimador 100% pure agave tequila!

Yes please!
Yes please!

I love tequila so this was a much appreciated gift from Butter Knife PR to celebrate the launch of the 100% Agave Surf Classic in Big Bay near Blouberg. This goes down between the 24th and 31st of this month and promises to be a fiesta of hot surfer boys and tequila that culminates with a rocking after party at local beach bar Boardhouse. For more information about the event follow @agavesurfcomp on twitter.  

Last but not least, Blistex sent me a li’l pakkie containing their new Nurture & Nourish lip balm.

Blistex DCT and new Natural & Nourish lip balms.
Blistex DCT and new Natural & Nourish lip balms.

Their new balm is jam packed with mega moisturisers like olive, grapeseed and sunflower oils, lanolin, beeswax, jojoba esters and cocoa seed butter. There are also a couple of antioxidants in the mix – think vitamin E, acai and goji fruit extract – plus an SPF of 15. Wear-wise, it goes on clear, feels nice and light on your lips and tastes ever so slightly sweet.

Still, while the new balm is a lovely addition, my heart will always belong to Blistex DCT so I was thrilled it was included in the press drop. I’ve been using this baby since high school and love everything about it, from the fact that you can lay it on thick like Vaseline right the way through to it’s weird, medicinal smell. There was also a time when DCT was formulated with AHA acids (amazing!) but now the formula’s been edited slightly as I can’t spot them on the ingredients list anymore. Still, in the same way you get Zambuk people and Lip Ice people and what not, I reckon I’ll be a DCT girl for life, yo.

Love, love


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