Beauty reviews: The Body Shop Uplifting Blueberry collection, TRESemme oil elixirs, Artistry Escape to Paradise lip duo, Arden’s Perfectly Nude make-up and Smashbox Always Sharp 3D liners

So I’m having a bit of an ish. Product is rolling in faster than I can type which is why I’m not going to be doing too many individual product reviews anymore. You can now look forward to more multi-product reviews which I’ve come to realise you girls actually really like in that you get more ‘reader take-out’ bang per post.

So, let’s get stuck in shall we?

The Body Shop’s new Uplifting Blueberry collection, R40 to R90 per item.

The Body Shop’s got a new limited edition Blueberry collection on the shelves, consisting of a body butter (R90), scrub (R90), shower gel (R60) and lip butter (R40). I got to try everything save for the shower gel and am most enjoying the body butter. It smells delish – like blueberries with just a hint of something nutty – and makes use of nourishing Shea and Cocoa butter from Ghana.

This smells good enough to eat. But I won't. Promise.
This smells good enough to eat. But I won’t. (At least not while anybody’s watching.)

I like that it does a good job of hydrating my not too dry legs and absorbs super fast so I don’t have to wait around before whipping on my jeans. If you want to try it yourself you best move fast though; it’s only available until the X after which you’ll have to hunt it down via eBay.

TRESemme Oil Elixer, R120 each.

The hair oil market is exploding and now TRESemme’s joined the party with their Oil Elixirs.

Available in two variants, one features macadamia oil and babassu oil for all hair types and the other also offers macadamia oil plus grapeseed oil and a ‘UV filter’ for colour treated hair. There are other oils in the mix too. Think coconut, sweet almond, sunflower and palm oil. Basically it’s a silicone and oil-infused house party and everyone’s invited to enjoy smoother, silkier-feeling hair with a shiny (yet non-greasy) finish.

The bottles are glass, by the way, so this product has a nice ‘luxe’ feel to it.

I like that both elixirs live up to the promises mentioned up above. They also smell good; clean and fresh, like most TRESemme shampoo. To be honest though, I can’t tell the difference between them. But if I had to pick one I’d go with the ‘For colour-treated hair’ option as it boasts a UV filter. Initially, I suspected the ‘For all hair types’ elixir made use of one too as their ingredients are completely identically save for the swapsies of the grapeseed oil for bobassu oil. But a quick google’s revealed that grapeseed oil itself can actually offer a bit of sun protection. Interesting stuff.

Artistry Escape to Paradise lip colour duo in Golden Ember, (price TBA),

Everyone’s heard about Amway but I’m not familiar with their beauty brands although I’ve chatted to other beauty eds who have been quite impressed with their Artistry line. I can understand why, however, as a very glam-looking Artistry lip colour duo called Golden Ember recently crossed my desk.

Pretty, pretty!
Pretty, pretty!

The gorgeous gold packaging features pretty pink crystals and a chain so you could attach it to something like a key ring. Tres Dior, darlings. I love that it feels nice and heavy in your hand; this makes it feel expensive and luxurious. This is the kind of thing that would make a very nice gift for the more glamorous girls in your life. As far as the actually lip colours go, they have a delish vanilla scent and contain a dash of collagen-encouraging antioxidant vitamin E. I like that they feel nice and light on your lips and have a lush, balm-like texture.

Alas, I don’t think this compact’s being sold in SA; it was part of an autumn collection last year. Still, it was nice to get a feel for the brand’s quality and I simply wanted to share. I haven’t become an under cover Amway sales rep or anything. Promise. If you’d like to look at and shop for other Amway Artistry goodies, pop on over to the SA website over here.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude make-up SPF 15, R345.

If you’re looking for a lovely light foundation with light-reflecting properties, this one’s a goodie. Aside from offering very natural-looking coverage that softens the look of pores and fine lines thank to soft focus ‘radiant mineral crystals’, this baby also makes use of hydrating carob seed extract and soy lipids that, Arden reckon, will help reduce the actual size of your pores over time. Then there’s collagen-boosting antioxidant vitamins A, C and E plus antioxidant wild mushroom extract.

Lovely stuff!
This shade’s called Toasty Beige.

When I heard the hydrating bit I worried this foundation would make me look shiny by the end of the day (I’m an oily-combo skinned girl) but that wasn’t the case. Instead, my skin felt super comfy and the foundation sat tight all day with zero oxidation. (For those who don’t know, oxidation is very different to an antioxidant. A foundation that ‘oxidizes’ is one that changes colour, usually getting darker, on your skin as the hours go by.) It also photographs well and trust me I’d know; this is the foundation I wore to the J&B Met as well as the Veuve Clicquot polo.

If you’re keen, look out for it at your local Arden counter as of the 17th of this month. It’s available in a whopping 13 shades.

Smashbox Always Sharp 3D liner crayon, R210, selected Woolworths.

I was given three of Smashbox’s new shimmery liners about two months back and love, love, love them. Why? For one they glide on with the greatest of ease and, despite not being advertised as ‘long-wearing’, do a decent job of sticking around.

The best bit, however, is that they’re self-sharpening! Their ‘sharpener’ exists within the cap so when you twist it off, they’re perfectly pointed and ready to rumble. Very, very nice. I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with Neptune, an intense navy blue ‘with black undertones and 3D shimmering blue pearls’ and love how, when worn on my lower eye lid, it makes my blue eyes pop and the whites of my eyes look even whiter.

The shades in the swatch pic from left to right are Venus, Silver and BLAH.
The shades in the swatch pic from left to right are Neptune, Gunmetal and Sumatra.

In the past I was always a bit worried about wearing blue liner, especially since I have blue eyes, as I didn’t want to step into Bananarama terrority. But this shade’s so mod and fresh-looking there’s no cruel, cruel summer* in sight. I had it in my clutch at a recent wedding I attended and lent it to my friend Jackie and she’s now hooked too. Almost had to rip it from her clutches when it was time to leave.

So, you spot anything you’re keen to try? Feel free to ask me questions in the comments section.

Love, love


*You’d have to be an 80s kid to get that. Apologies to all the 90s babies out there.

2 thoughts on “Beauty reviews: The Body Shop Uplifting Blueberry collection, TRESemme oil elixirs, Artistry Escape to Paradise lip duo, Arden’s Perfectly Nude make-up and Smashbox Always Sharp 3D liners

  1. Oh my gosh, Leigh! You have made my day with your Bananarama chirp, those were cruel summers on the eyes indeed! Have had the last few days from hell ( including crashing my beloved car!) and your blog has made me laugh out loud! THANK YOU!!!

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