Tiger of Sweden opens a concept store in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

Tiger of Sweden, for those who don’t know, is a luxury fashion brand founded by two Swedish tailors back in 1903. While the brand’s most definitely unisex, it’s best known for their beautifully tailored, slim-fitting menswear.

Tiger of Sweden
Tiger of Sweden

While Jozi’s had two Tiger of Sweden stores for ages, us Capetonians have been a little left behind – until now. The brand’s finally set up shop in the V&A Waterfront and opened with a bang at last week’s celeb-studded launch party attended by two of its designers.

Tiger of Sweden designer Fredrik Folkessen with Top Billing stylist Elrico Bellinghan up top and blogger bestie Karisa Nicholls, local model Chad Meiheizen and myself down below.

Now to level with you; a lot of the time, store launches are kind of boring. You end up browsing the store with a glass of cheap n’ nasty rose before walking out with a press disk and branded lanyard combo. Tres meh. However, as Tiger of Sweden’s bash was organised by uber PR Jill Grogor of Zebra Square, it fast become the hottest ticket in town. (Everybody who’s anybody knows you never miss a Zebra Square event. They’re always the last word in fabulously glam and indulgent.)

Thus, upon arrival, guests were met with free-flowing cocktails and champagne while The Oyster King and luxury canapes did the rounds. Think prawn cocktail spoons and mushroom crostini drizzled with truffle hollandaise, the latter being the most delicious thing I’d eaten all week.

Just looking at these babies again is making my mouth water.
Just looking at these babies again is making my mouth water.

As far as peeps on the scene goes, the crowd included the usual mix of media, fashion and lifestyle bloggers and local celebs.

Going clockwise: PR Marina Nestle, socialite Thandi Kupe, owner of Jozi boutique Pallu Peta Eggierth-Symes and Jen Su; freelance writer and editor Nikki Benatar and fashion blogger Malibonge Tyilo; myself and Lancôme’s national make-up artist Andrew James (the only man I trust to tell me if I don’t need to blot my forehead before a piccie) and actor Siv Ngesi and Expresso’s Leigh-Anne Williams.

As a side bar, I think Siv’s zexy, uber metro Zoo biscuit brooch deserve a close up:

Being recently named one of GQ's best dressed men, Siv can get away with wearing a Baker's biccie on his chest.
Being recently named one of GQ’s best dressed men, Siv can totally get away with wearing a Baker’s biccie on his chest.


Going clockwise:
Going clockwise: Liezel van der Westhuizen and Chad; PR Clayton Morar and celeb photographer Denzil Jacobs; fashion blogger Sheri-Lee Greenway; singer Danny K and myself with GQ’s grooming ed Piet Smedy.

While browsing the store, it became clear why Tiger of Sweden is such a desirable brand. Their items are all classically styled and meticulously tailored, but have a slick, urban edge.

How much do we love that
How much do we love the blazer top left?

Prior to the launch, we’d all been told that one lucky person was going to walk away from the store with a R25 000 shopping voucher so excitement levels were high. Eventually, when it was time to draw, I found myself in the back of the shop with Liezel van der Westhuizen and actress Vanessa Haywood. Liezel and Vanessa were deep in conversation so, being a horrendous person, I made a point of grabbing Liezel’s arm to tease her, saying: ‘Oh my God chick, I think they called your name!’ Obviously they hadn’t and Liezel knew it, shooting back with ‘Honey, trust me. If they’d called it, I’d sooo hear it’. And then, as if on cue, she was announced as the winner of the R25K shopping voucher. Jinne!

Some girls have all the luck.
Some girls have all the luck.

While Liezel headed up front through a sea of applause to accept her prize, myself and a couple of her loving, supportive friends tossed in the odd we’re-so-happy-for-you cheer, things like ‘Boooooooo!’ and ‘We haaaaate you!’ But I’d like to make two things very clear that A) those cocktails were pretty strong, okay? and B) we were all totally kidding. We love Liezel. She’s our friend. None of us are now lying in bed at night hoping she balloons up to a size 22 and can’t fit into anything other than Tiger of Sweden’s shoes. None of us.)

After the launch, a bunch of us including fashion blogger Clouds, Elrico, Karisa and Chad (pictured below) were invited to Shimmy Beach for a private after party and that was super fun. As is anything involving giant silver ice buckets of champagne, an endless stream of sushi and Shimmy’s infamously delish thin crust pizza.

And they'll have fun, fun, fun til the waiter takes the champers away... (And if you don't get that Beach Boy's reference please know you're making me feel really old right now.)
And she’ll have fun, fun, fun til the waiter takes the champers away… (And if you don’t get that Beach Boy’s reference please know you’re making me feel really old right now.)

Eventually, once the bar had run dry and I’d eaten enough pizza to burst, I made my exit. But not before treating the doormen to a very elaborate river dance on the stage-like steps of the club. And it wasn’t just a few happy li’l heel flicks. We’re talking a full on somebody-get-out-the-hook-and-drag-her-away skouspel which resulted in my last memory of the night being Chad screaming ‘Hey! Michael Flatley! Come on, already!’

Naturally, the next morning involved the kind of hangover that made me wish for death but I was comforted by waking up next to a super indulgent Tiger of Sweden goodie bag and a half eaten box of McVities Digestive Vanilla Creams. The bag (which was enormous)contained an array of delish Wings Group treats, hence the McVities binge fest, as well as a stylish Tiger of Sweden wallet (ha! Take that Liezel V, you’re not the only Tiger toting gal on the block!), KMS hair goodies and Lancome’s Tresor Midnight Rose perfume.

In all, if you missed the Tiger of Sweden launch, you most definitely missed out. Still, you can now pop into their store and shop their gorgeous Autumn/Winter collection*.

Love, love


*As we’ll be getting their most current items the moment they’re available the range in store will always be a season ahead, as is the case with many international labels with stores in SA.

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