Elizabeth Arden launches Untold EDP at a very glam rooftop party in Jozi

Elizabeth Arden has launched a brand new fragrance called Untold. A creamy white floral with just a dash of fruit in the mix, Untold’s notes include pink pepper, bergamot, pear, cassis, Egyptian jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, amber and musk. According to Arden, it’s the perfect scent for the multi-faceted modern woman and is inspired by her sophisticated, intriguing and sensual nature.

Elizabeth Arden Untold, X for Xmls
Elizabeth Arden Untold EDP, R650 for 50mls

To celebrate its launch, a bunch of Slaapstad ‘beauties’ were invited up to Jozi for a fancy li’l rooftop party in the city o’ gold.

Pretty, pretty!
Pretty, pretty!

The décor was gorgeous; lots of crystals and white flowers which perfectly reflected the scent and the city views were nothing short of spectacular. Guests had been told to wear a dash of gold so we all glittered while sipping on bubbles and nibbling on an endless stream of uber luxe ‘canapes’ that included – wait for it…

...butter chicken!
…mini butter chicken! Errrmigod!!!

I’m tres crazy for curry and butter chicken is one of my all time favourite dishes so, if I had the time, this is where I’d totally insert a .GIF of Larry and Balky from ‘Perfect Strangers’ doing ‘The Dance of Joy’. (Does that .GIF even exist? If not, someone’s got to make it! Also, did that 80’s ref toootally blow over the heads over my younger readers?)

But ja, let’s get back to the glam. Zuraida Jardine was the evening’s MC and rocked the most gorgeous monochrome jumpsuit that somehow really managed to channel a bit o’ old Hollywood glamour. The retro vibes didn’t stop there as, entertainment-wise, we got to listen to a couple of cute boys in suits belting out Frank Sinatra hits. Alas, I don’t have shots of either of these things as they were on my iPhone which has since packed up and is now lost in the bottomless pit that is Cell C’s repair centre.

Still, I do have shots of Arden’s celeb make-up artist, Gina Myers, who rocked this shizz out of a sequin-bedazzled strapless chiffon dress. Girl was a regte goddess and even had delicate gold chains layered into her hair.

You looked beautiful babe x x
Gina, you looked really beautiful. It’s always lovely to see you x x

During the bash, we all got to pick out two of Arden’s new Beautiful Colour Moisturizing lipsticks and I’m currently having a bit of a fling with Electric Pink. It’s one of those shades that, every time you wear it out, someone comments and asks you what’s on your lips.

Electric Pink
The swatches from left to right are Electric Pink, Neoclassical Coral and Red Door Red.

Afterwards, we also got to take home our very own bottle of Untold which had our names engraved on it! There was also an engraver working on site and, because I’m a nice, classy girl, I managed to suppress the urge to ask that my nickname, ‘BITCHFACE’, be engraved on the bottle.   

Anyway, as far as Untold goes, it’s the kind of scent that’ll be appreciated by anyone who enjoys a classic floral. On me, I immediately get the citrus and then it eventually morphs into something with lots of creamy, white petals, a dash of white soap and just a bit of fruit that, to me, smells like pears, even though it’s not listed as being one of the notes.

Still, having chatted about it to the other beauty editors at the launch, it would seem that Untold is one of those scents that smells a little different on everybody. Your best bet if you want to get idea of what it’s all about is to head on over to an Arden counter and give it a sniff yourself. And when you do, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Something about this girl reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones. Wasn't she an Arden girl too at one point?
Something about this girl reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones/Katie Holmes hybrid. I remember Ms Jones used to be an Arden girl too back in the day.

A big dankie to the Arden and Capacity Relations PR girls for a very glam night out.

Love, love


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