Mooi mense in their onderklere at Cosmo and Marie Claire’s The Lingerie Issue fashion show

This year Associated Media held its ‘The Lingerie Issue’ fashion show in the centre court at Canal Walk. Invited guest got to grab a complimentary SKYY vodka cocktail and sit nice and close to the ramp while shoppers hung over the balconies to get an eyeful of hot model action.

That's Jimmy Nevis top right.
That’s Jimmy Nevis top right.

Underwear brands featured in the show included Jockey, Ackermans (who’ve seriously raised their game), Guess, Edgars, After Eden, Elle McPherson Intimates, Triumph and La Senza. As my camera’s a bit rubbish at shooting moving objects I nicked some shots off Cosmo’s Facebook page.

That chica on the left is sooo chanelling Naomi Campbell. And that could be Adriana Lima on the right if you look real quick.

Of all the mooi onderklere I saw, I most liked the leopard print La Senza bra as I’m a total slet for animal print.

The headgear, not so much.
My blogger bestie Karisa was totally feeling the lacy pink set on the right. You can pretty much rest assured that she’ll be wearing to MCQP later this year.

Oh! And did I mention there were hot boys too?

This poor oke. You should've HEARD the meisies scream when he walked down the ramp.
This poor oke. You should’ve HEARD the meisies skreeeeee when he walked down the ramp. Roof raising shizz right there.

As a finale, local muso Jimmy Nevis took to the stage and the crowd went totally mal once more when he performed Heart Boxing. Dude’s got an amazing voice and I remember how the first time I heard that song on the radio I totally thought it was Bruno Mars.

Myself, Karisa, Darryn and Chelle (wearing the toitest, tiniest satin pants which I'm sure she snapped up in a kiddies section somewhere.)
Myself and friendly friends Karisa, Darryn and Chelle inadvertently recreating a 90210 ensemble cast shot. Chelle’s impressive ‘bitch face’ (and uber toit satin pants) leaves nobody wondering who’s the ‘Brenda’…

Want to see more hotties in their undies? Look out for The Lingerie Issue on shelves now being sold along with the October issues of Marie Claire and Cosmo. You can also visit The Lingerie Issue website for profiles on the models and behind the scenes footage as well as enter an Always Ultra competition where your photo featuring you and a loved one sharing ‘a moment of closeness’ could win R10 000.

Love, love


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3 thoughts on “Mooi mense in their onderklere at Cosmo and Marie Claire’s The Lingerie Issue fashion show

  1. Of course I’d have to pair that pink ensemble with space boots and a cowboy hat to keep with the Space Cowboys MCQP theme. But yes, it’s a contender. 🙂

  2. I really wish I hadn’t just hoovered down two Snickers bars before I read your blog, Leigh! I now feel like a total walrus! That guy’s abs are RIDICULOUS!

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