I got eyelash extensions from Urban Lash & Tan and they were awesome

I’m very proud to say that my friend Lisa Telo of Urban Lash & Tan is one of the best eyelash extension artists in town. (Yes, she’s an artist. Her lashwork is freakin’ masterful.)
LISAURBANLASHTANLOGO2For ages now, she’s been trying to get me to try them and I’ve been hesitant as way back in the day I used to do eyelash extensions myself but was utterly kak at it. In fact, I even managed to glue my poor, far too trusting Aunt Rosie’s eye shut. Eeek!

Obviously, during my brief time as an eyelash extentionist, I had all the lash goodies in the house so I’d occasionally stick a few in the corners of my eyes before big nights out but I never liked the way they felt. Still, Lisa managed to convince me to come visit her at her salon where her new extensionist, Janine, would sort me out. She said the lashes I’d been using were horrible plastic crap and that hers were ‘mink’, a super soft, natural-looking type that would totally change my mind.

So, off I went to Urban Lash & Tan in Wembley Square, where friendly Janine (who’s very experienced) gave me a full set of natural-looking extensions in less than two hours during which, for the most part, I was fast asleep. (For the record, a full set with Janine is R550 while a half set is R450).

Up top we’ve got my lashes without mascara. Below are my lashes with just extensions and no mascara (Yes, really.)

Do we like?

As my own lashes are pretty long already, I was terrified I’d end up walking out looking like a drag queen but Janine made a point of using medium lashes with a few longer ones at each corner to create a lash line that was full, fluttery and believable. And yes, they definitely felt a lot softer than the lashes I’d worn in the past. In fact, after wearing them for a day, you pretty much forget they’re on your face and become completely unaware of their presence.

See? You’d never look at me from afar and go ‘Damn, girl! What’s on your face?’ I just look like I’ve found a really good mascara.

I loved not having to wear mascara and found that caring for my lashes was pretty easy. All I had to do after a bath or shower was to give them a little brush with a dry mascara wand (it comes free with your treatment) that sorted out any tangles in a flash. You can, however, apply mascara on top of them for an even more eye popping look but I didn’t find it necessary. I also liked that they looked so natural (yet gorgeous!) that all my friends asked me what mascara I was wearing as opposed to ‘who did your lashes?’

Alas, my lovely lashes didn’t last for long. I had to trial a laser facial that involved having to rub a serious amount of oil on my face and this corrupted the glue and caused them to fall out. Sob, sob, wail. Now I actually miss them and would definitely get them done for big occasions and what not if I wasn’t always having to trial new mascaras and expose my face to a zillion different products, many of which are oily which isn’t glue-friendly.

Anyway, if you’ve been thinking about getting your lashes done I can’t recommend Janine enough; she’s awesome and totally gets the ‘gorgeous but very natural’ look. You’re not going to climb off her bed with bloody tarantulas popping off your lids (unless of course that’s your thing and you ask for it).

Now for the best bit: If you call Urban Lash & Tan before 10 August and make a booking with Janine (021-465-5999) quoting the promo code ‘lipglossgirl’, YOU’LL SCORE 40-PERCENT OFF!

That’s a full set for R280! Like, OMG! If this is something you’ve been curious to try, now is most definitely the time.

Love, love (and a little bit of flutter),


To find out more about Urban Lash & Tan’s lash extentions as well as get the answers to any FAQ’s you might have, pop on over to their website. They do a mean spray tan too. 

5 thoughts on “I got eyelash extensions from Urban Lash & Tan and they were awesome

  1. So curious to try this out, they look gorgeous but i’v heard that some ruin your natural lashes, is this true? Xx

    1. Nope. Only if you decide you don’t like them and attempt to pull them off; in this case you’ll rip out your own lash too. If you remove them properly (best is in a salon) you’ll be fine.

  2. I think it’s the same maintenance as for example hair extensions. If you have them done at a decent salon and if you look after them properly they don’t do any harm. If you don’t put in the work and maintenance it can become a bit of a nightmare. If you are not used to fake lashes it feels a bit weird for the first day or 2 and then the feeling settles and you can coyly flirt from underneath those babies haha! LOVE how yours were done Leigh – think this Janine-lash-goddess needs to go on speed dial!!!!

  3. Well since Janine is clearly a woman of style & natural beauty I would certainly reccommend her expertise without a doubt you’l definitely walk away feeling lika diva trust me!!! so hurry n go for that special she’s by far the best! stunning Janine you’v made me very proud!

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