Feeling lucky? You could win a mooi Philip Kingsley hair care hamper

If you haven’t tried Philip Kingsley’s iconic Elasticizer hair treatment you have to make a plan. It’s AMAZING. And yes, it’s not cheap but you need very little and it works like a bomb. It’s the kind of product you splurge on and then hoard, saving it for special occasions when having hair like a magical sparkle pony is of utmost importance. (Currently, my tube is lurking at the back of the bathroom cupboard, hidden away from my beloved flat mate. This is one product you don’t share.)

But ja, I’m not here to talk about that, actually. I want to tell you that Philip Kingsley gave me a few of their other goodies to give away; a hair lovin’ quartet consisting of the following:

  • Flaky/Itchy Scalp shampoo, R175 for 75ml (this li’l darlings won several awards, just so you know)
  • Moisture Balancing conditioner, R150 for 75ml
  • Exfoliating scalp mask, R119
  • Stimulating scalp mask, R119

    Ooh la la darlings!
    See how lonely the shampoo looks? Wouldn’t he be happiest living in your bathroom? Could you be a good shampoo mommy?

I’ve been test driving the shampoo and conditioner and both are lovely. While I don’t have a flaky scalp, I like that the shampoo gives my hair a gentle cleanse that leaves it feeling really clean but not overtly so.

The Moisture Balancing conditioner adds enough moisture to make my hair easy to de-tangle while wet but doesn’t weigh it down. My lengths feel bouncy and light, although admittedly, my hair’s been colour treated and heat-styled in its moer so myself and those in my boat would probably benefit more from the Re-Moisturising conditioner and, of course, that flippen’ fabulous Elasticizer.

To get your mitts on those goodies, you can visit either of the Philip Kingsley Trichology clinics in Cape Town or Jozi or purchase online via the brand’s South African website.

Win! Win! Win!
Anyway, hands up which of you wants to win a hamper? I have two to give away and entering is easy peasy: just drop me a mail on glossycomps@gmail.com with the heading Philip Kingsley comp. If I draw your name, I’ll get in touch with you to get your details.

This competition closes on Friday at 4pm so best you get a move on.

Good luck girls,


UPDATE: A big congrats to winners Candice Ohlson and Kaye-Leigh Killian. Enjoy your prizes girls!

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

2 thoughts on “Feeling lucky? You could win a mooi Philip Kingsley hair care hamper

  1. Hi there just popping in to say a huge thanks once again for this fabulous prize.
    This stuff is truly miracles in a bottle!! My hair looks stunning, feels great and is noticably healthier. Just after the first application. I was so amazed no hair products has ever come close too what that does for me. It’s worked so wonderful that even a bit was snatched out by my sister with long hair, I nearly freaked out lol.

    This is definitely now a must have for me. It will throw out my beauty budget by quite a bit but is worth every penny.

    ♥Philip Kingsley products = magic♥

    Thanks for the millionth time! Have a Fab day further and a safe trip! Enjoy 🙂

    Candice xoxo

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