Placecol AHA Exfoliating Cream review

The other day I discovered a Placecol’s AHA Exfoliating Cream tucked in a goodie bag:

Placecol AHA Exfoliating Cream for dry/normal skin
Placecol AHA Exfoliating Cream for dry/normal skin

It contains a mix of exfoliating fruit acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins but I can’t find an ingredients list anywhere to see which ones. From the blurb on the jar does make mention of hydrating Shea butter, however.

Anyway, I gave it a bash last night, slathering it on my face and falling into bed. Texture-wise, it’s very thick, kind of like a body butter, and felt quite sticky and tacky on my skin. Meh. As I drifted off, I made a mental note to give it away to a friend.

The next morning, however, after washing my face, I could actually see it had made a visible difference. My skin definitely looked more refined and a dry skin flake on the side of my nose had sizzled away. My skin also felt as soft as a baby’s bum. Nice, I thought. Total keeper. And that’s when I had a proper look at the jar and saw that, actually, it’s not intended to slept in. Oops. You’re supposed to leave it on for just fifteen minutes like a mask before washing it off and thus any stickiness becomes totally tolerable.

Still, going forward, I’m going to keep on wearing it over night to get the good results I’ve seen this morning. I’m a hard guns kind of girl. And speaking of hard guns; the other AHA treatment I own and love is Environ’s Alpha Hydroxy Gel. It’s one of the sterkest OTC AHA products I can find aside from their Dermalac lotion which is also seriously fierce. It’s best kept for your body though and does a nice job of stripping off old self tan, blitzing in growns and will even make short work of those allergy bumps (keratosis pilaris) that many people get on the back of their arms.  You slick those babies on the back of your hand and lick it and you’ll even taste the acid in it sommer.

Anyway, I’m now not sure which product I like best though so I’m going to play around with them both for a while before I decide which one I prefer but ja; I just thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

Love, love



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