Little Black Book PR throws a killer Kartell Louis Ghost party

Everyone knows what a Louis Ghost is, right? For those who don’t, it’s Philippe Starck’s gorgeous retake on a classic Louis XV-style chair for Italian furniture designers Kartell.

Mooi ne? They’re going for R5000 a pop in SA.

I’ve always thought they make a great dining room chair in either minimalistic mostly white apartments or teamed up with more rustic-looking shizz like this farm house-style table:


Anyway, to celebrate the iconic chair’s tenth birthday, Matteo Amatrudo, the owner of the Kartell store in Cape Town decided to throw a li’l bash organised by Marina Nestel and the girls from Little Black Book PR. (Coincidently, it was also Matteo’s 40th.)

The birthday boy and Marina who was rocking Errol Arendz. (How much do you hate her for having an arm that skinny, toned and tan?!)

The party was held in the courtyard of the Hudson Building and I arrived just in time to miss the oysters. I did, however, manage to drink my fill of champers and take a super unflattering pic with la chaise d’honnuer.

My friend Morgs is taking Movember very, very seriously…

The above shot was taken by Werner Ryke who’s like the photographer for pretty much every party that matters. Because I’m awesome, kind and totes amaze, I’ve spent countless nights nicking extra chocciesto slip into his pockets. I’ve fed this man countless ‘stolen’/’behind the scenes’ canapes and still, to this day, he can’t scream ‘PUT YOUR FRIKKEN CHIN DOWN!’. I told him explicitly that I was going for the snooty, rich biets look, NOT terrified and constipated. Come now!

Anyway, peeps on the scene included fellow launch slets and style bloggers Ritza from Luxo and Ross from Twisted Lifestyles.

When they’re not blogging, I think Ritza and Ross might freelance for Avis…
 Celeb stylist Marilize de Clercq was also out and about in the hottest hot pink rokkie from Cotton On.
Gorgeous, right? She got it very recently and I think she said it was R299. V tempted to snap it up myself…

I also ran into fellow PE-expat and model/actress Tamika Doubell who, just so you know, is absolutely divine.

Some of you might recognise Tamika as a finalist of Top Billing’s presenter search.
I know it’s getting totally old now but I can’t reiterate it enough; the Oos Kaap produces some of the most beautiful vrouens in all of South Africa and I google-stalked Tamika even further to prove my point:
I rest my case.

Ooh! And I did I mention that the Wings Group peeps where there handing out evil in the form of Loacker mini hazelnut choc wafers and choc covered caramels?

Mental note; next time bring a bigger handbag to Marina’s parties…

A big thanks to Marina and Kartell, this was super fun.

Love, love


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