How pretty is Shiseido’s new Camelia Cheek Colour compact?

Shiseido have a brand new Camelia Cheek Colour compact (R495):

The compact isn’t embossed, the colours go all the way through can be used separately if you’re skilled with a very tiny blush brush.
Too pretty to use? Oh yes! It took me ages to work my way up to putting a brush in it but hey! A girl’s gotta swatch!

Shiseido Camelia compact swatch shot with flash.

Personally, I found that when I swirled all the shades together the mix was a little too dark and red-toned for my uber-pale skin. However, if you’ve got a more of an olive or darker complexion this could be a very pretty addition to your make-up bag.

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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