L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew anti-aging super serum review

L’Oreal have created yet another range of skin care goodies; Revitalift Laser Renew. The collection consists of a day cream, eye cream and serum (R225 each) and I’m most taken with the latter. If you don’t have sensitive skin, there’s nothing stopping you from using it around your eye area and, in essence, it uses the same active ingredients as the day cream but in a more concentrated form.

I like that this comes in a pump bottle, not a dropper, so your ingredients don’t get degraded by air.
I like that this comes in a pump bottle, not a dropper, so your ingredients don’t get degraded by air.

Claims-wise, L’Oreal say using their serum twice a day for two months can improve wrinkle depth almost as well as a single session with a CO2 laser. The serum’s ingredients include mega-hydrating hyaluronic acid to help plump out your lines as well as Pro-Xylane (a sugar-protein) that, according to L’Oreal, can stimulate the production of glycoaminoglycans (GAGs) in your skin to help prevent moisture loss. GAG’s also assist in bolstering the network between your skin cells. This helps boost your skin’s firmness and ensures that the pathways through which your cells communicate operate on top form.

Last but not least, the Laser Renew also makes use of LHA (lipo hydroxyl acid), a very mild chemical exfoliant, to gently rid your skin’s surface of excess skin cells. This can’t shrink your pores, but it can make them look their best.

In regards to texture, I really liked this serum. It’s nice and light and sinks into your skin in a flash, kind of like a crème-gel. It doesn’t have that slippery silicone-y feel many serums feel obliged to have. Because of this, it didn’t aggravate my ‘oilies’ in the least and teamed up nicely with my daily moisturiser. If you’re looking for something to boost your skin’s moisture levels but don’t want to switch to a heavier cream, this is a nice pick.

Love, love


4 thoughts on “L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew anti-aging super serum review

  1. Okay, so it leaves the skin “feeling” soft and smooth..but how does the product make the skin “look” after the suggested 2 month use?..There was a product advertised once (face cream) where the model’s reaction to the product was I “feel” years younger”..a facial product can make one “feel” years younger?

    1. Hi Anne! I’m not sure, this was written so long ago and I didn’t continue to use it. Like I said, I’d choose this if I wanted more moisture do to the hyaluronic acid content, but I wouldn’t rely on it to turn back the hands of time. For that, I use retinol.

  2. One thing I avoid with serums is feeling greasy after application. Loreal products have been proven to have not greasy after feels. I could bank on that because I have tried using some of their products and this is their strong point. However, with regards to magical results like transformations and whitening, I couldn’t say it does. It maintains the smoothness of the skin but for me, it works until there. I’m in search of something that could really do the magical works just as you say, turn back the hands of time

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