Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea & Bamboo nail strengthener review

Sally Hansen have a new nail strengthener about to hit the shelves, but before I tell you about it, let me just give you a little background in regards to nail strengtheners in general…

As you know, the part of your nail that we can see is a non-living structure and thank God for that; if it were ‘alive’ it would hurt like crazy every time we cut or filed them. Still, being ‘dead’ means we can’t ‘nourish’ it or ‘feed’ it but we can alter its structure… To give you an idea, a paper plate is easy to crumple up. However, if you gave it a slick of varnish it would feel a bit more rigid. That’s pretty much what most nail strengtheners do; they add a few more layers to give your nail more ‘structure’ and some even have hydrolized ingredients that can be absorbed into the nail to make it a little more ‘firm’. (Think of how you can use keratin-rich conditioners that bond to the natural keratin in your hair to help add a bit of strength. You can’t really ‘repair’ the damaged hair shaft, but you can keep ‘bolstering’ it with extra keratin every time you give it a wash.)

Anyway, getting back to Sally Hansen; their newest base and top coat combo is this boy:

Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Bamboo nail strengthener, R73

Like I said, the ‘nutrition’ bit is ever so slightly misleading as it can’t ‘nourish’ your nail. It does, however, contain several ingredients that’ll bond to your nail plate to stop it from feeling brittle and pap. Thus, the more layers you slick on the better.

While it can be used as both a base and top coat, it doesn’t have the glossiest finish so I used it as a base coat. While it didn’t smooth over my ridges it went on nice and smootly so painting over it was super easy. It also went a long way towards preventing my nails from being stained by my polish.

If you’re someone who prefers to wear a clear polish as opposed to colour, this is a nice option for daily layering.

Love, love


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