Shiseido Lacquer Rouge; a perfect union of lipstick and gloss (review)

Ah Shiseido… I’ve liked this brand for ages, ever since college, when all my annoyingly wealthy German friends, who were big fans, infused it such casual glamour. I remember how I’d be scratching in my purse for an old drugstore lippie in a cracked tube and they’d pull out these gorgeous-looking Shiseido powder compacts which the treated with utter indifference.

‘Oh, this old thing? If you want it you can totally have it…’
‘I can?!’ I’d shriek. ‘Really?!’ I’d clutch it to my chest with gratefulness and float off into a dream of a future where I too would have pretty heavy-feeling compacts. And possibly not live on bowls of cereal for breakfast, lunch and supper ‘cos it worked out to R4 a meal…

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge lippies, R255 a pop.

So ja. You can imagine the hysterical glee I felt when big pakkie of uber-luxurious Shiseido goodies arrived at my door. (Thank you Gayle!) I’ve had loads of fun playing with everything for review, especially their new Shiseido Lacquer Rouge lip colour, R255Inspired by Japanese lacquer art, an ancient technique that involves coating wood or paper items in a lustrous-looking lacquer, Shiseido set out to create a truly lacquer-like lippie, one that could offer ultra smooth beautiful-looking colour with a high shine finish.

Pretty pretty pretty

In my opinion, Shiseido’s hit the mark on all three counts. These babies go on super-smooth and just one slick is all it takes to coat your lips with intense-looking pigment that boats an almost vinyl-like shine.

From left to right; Blaze, Camel, Disco and Nymph.

My favourite of the whole lot is Disco. It’s bright but looks good against my cool skin tone. I’m also find myself reaching for Nymph a lot; it’s the perfect ‘nude’ but with enough rose in it to prevent me from looking washed out:

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge: Disco on the left, Nymph on the right.

I wore Disco on the 1st of this month, spring day, ‘cos it just felt fresh and springy and fun and liked that it was the type of lippie that had people going ‘Oooh, nice lip colour… what is that?!’ And yes, I took great delight in going ‘Oh, this old thing…’ while pulling the very glam-looking shiny black tube from my bag…

Want one too? Shiseido Lacquer Rouge is available in 8 shades and replaces the Luminizing lip gloss range. Keep an eye out for them at your local Shiseido counter as of the 10th of this month.

Love, love


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