Kiehl’s finally opens its first South African store in Sandton City, Johannesburg

If you read foreign mags or travel overseas, chances are you’ll know all about Kiehl’s. The brand’s been creating their bestselling skin and hair care goodies since 1851 which is when it first started first started up as a family owned apothecary in New York. Today, they’re all over the globe and have just opened their first South African store in Sandton City, Johannesburg.

Mr Bones welcomes you to Kiehl’s in Sandton City.

Every Kiehl’s store has a Mr Bones, just so you know. He was in the very first store and used to explain different health dramz to the customers and is now an institution in modern Kiehl’s stores across the globe along with a Harley Davidson motorbike, an homage to the Kiehl family’s love of extreme sports. (A quirky lot, them Kiehl’s folk…)

Product-wise, I’m thrilled to have easier access to Kiehl’s bestsellers like this guy:

Kiehl’s Creme du Corps body moisturiser, R210 for 250mls

Shea butter and sesame seed oil-rich Creme du Corps is a celeb/cult favourite and total beauty icon. As Khiel’s don’t like to add anything unnecessary to their products, it gets its colouring from its high betacarotene (vitamin A) content.

My personal favourite, however, is this boy:

Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+, R439

It’s the first high SPF sunscreen I’ve found that doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin, feel like gloop or aggravate my oily T-panel. Seriously girls, this stuff glides on like a total veil and can be worn along with your daily moisturiser.

Anyway, I’m tres bleak to be missing the media launch next month as I’ll be in France visiting my little sis, but take comfort in the fact that Cape Town will soon have its very own Kiehl’s store come next year. They’re also setting up an SA online store at some point. As soon as I’ve got all the deets on that I’ll be sure to share.

In the meantime, if you’re in Jozi, pop into the store and check it out. I’m super impressed with their pricing (it always was so expensive to buy their goodies overseas, what with the exchange rate) and I know you’ll fall in love with their quality formulations. They also have a fab ‘try before you buy’ policy so you’ll be sure to leave with a generous selection of samples. (Kiehl’s doesn’t advertise; they rely on word of mouth and magazine placement instead and get a lot of it ‘cos people genuinely love their shizz to bits.)

Love, love


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