So I’m rocking mustard in a YOU magazine photospread

I’ve been reading YOU magazine for what feels like forever. My gran used to buy it religiously and I loved getting stuck into the kiddie’s comic section. Later, I progressed to being fanatical about the Blockword and still can’t toss away a YOU without having filled in all their puzzle pages (except for the sodoku, ’cos, like, that’s for losers…)

In fact, YOU’s still the best mag to buy when you’re going to be stuck on a plane or headed to the beach. It also just got better in that it’s just snagged ex-Fairlady fashion ed Chu Suwannapha as their fashion director. Aside from being one of South Africa’s most respected fashion peeps, he’s also one of the nicest guys in the business…

…when he’s not trying to fatten me up with evil koeksister-y things from YOU’s food shoots…

But ja… like I said, YOU’s always been a part of my life and I was convinced I’d grow up to marry Richard Dean Anderson/MacGuyver and have our glamtastic wedding splashed across its pages. Alas, that was not meant to be but, thanks to Chu, I’ve still managed to snag a double page spread:

Ta da! *hairflick, headtoss*

The above is a little piece on how to wear a simple grey tee in five different ways. To illustrate the point, Chu asked myself and four other ‘popular’ bloggers (he called us ‘popular’! Oh my God! Dying a thousand deaths!) to show it off; namely Karis Piss from Love Affair with Cape Town, Kumari from Style Society, Carlinn from Superficial Girl and Clouds from And Lollipops.

The shoot was super fun and I loved my make-up, courtesy of Algria Ferreira.

LOVE my smokey eyes!

I drove the poor woman mad though ‘cos I couldn’t stop looking at my phone, gossiping with the girls and screwing up my lipstick by slukking on Coke Lite*. According to Algria, the only other person she’s dealth with who’s as nightmarish to style up is Kimora Lee Simmons who’s also a fidgety/fussy li’l diva biets. And yes, I totally took the comparison as a compliment…

I also semi-pissed off the photographer (Hey Megan!) by tweeting/replying to mails/wekking like a donkey the WHOLE! FREAKEN! TIME! and eventually got my phone confiscated. Vok.

Tik, tik, tik, tik, tik…

Still, once I was handsfree, I got style it up lekker mooi:

Can you tell I’ve recently learned how to make photo collages?

 I’m still not one-hundred percent sure that mustard paisley pantaloons are my thing – or harem pants in general – but I said the same thing about skinny leg jeans when they first hit SA shores and now I live and die in them.

Anyway, if pick up this weeks’ issue of YOU (30th of August issue), you’ll probably spot me in it. You can also read up about Louise Fish’s ‘shocking tell-all book’, nail the blockwords and jot down the recipe for an evil-looking red velvet cheesecake on page 30.

Love, love


*Coke Lite is like my crack. It’s always in my hand and the only other person I know who’s just as Coke Lite crazy as I am is Lauren Watters, she of Dear Heart Beauty fabulousness. When we have little aspartame babies, they’re totes going to pop out with two heads…

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15 thoughts on “So I’m rocking mustard in a YOU magazine photospread

    1. Thanks man! I annoyed even more peeps that day; therapists at another launch who wanted me to wipe it off so they could give me a product demo. I was like ‘noooo! I’m not taking this off! I want to go home and show it to my boyfriend!’ 😉

  1. Firstly, LOVE the spread. Secondly, you TOTALLY rock mustard. Thirdly (and not completely related – sorry!), HOW do you make photo collages? I’m still learning.

    1. Meh. I’m not sold 🙂 Re collages, download this photo editing program calked Picasa. (It takes two seconds to download and install. I put it off for ages ‘cos I thought it would be a palaver; was sooo stupid, it’s too easy.) After playing with it a bit you’ll learn how to make collages in a flash x x

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