Grey Goose vodka and Cafe Caprice are holding a (hot) boy auction!

Want to celebrate Woman’s Day but don’t have a boyfriend you can force into buying choccie and rubbing your feet? (‘Cos that’s what you’re supposed to do on Woman’s Day, right?!) Never fear my darlings, for now you can simply snap one up at the Grey Goose Boy Auction.

Click on this image to enlarge it on your screen.

It’s all going down at Cafe Caprice from 6:30pm this Sunday where five hotties have agreed to be sold off to the highest female bidders in an effort to raise funds for Sisters Incorporated, a local safe house for abused woman and children.

The potential manslaves on offer are Bar One Manhunt season 2 finalist Dene Botha, The Wilde’s Tyrone Keogh, Expresso presenter Graeme Richard and Heat Man Watch winner Christo du Plessis.

Jaaa Denetjie, we’re coming for you boet…

Natalie Becker will be on the mic, Grey Goose vodka cocktails will be in the mix and everyone gets to leave with a goodie bag. (The press release said it would be ‘crammed’ so now it’s totally raised my freebie-whoring expectations…)

Want to join in the fun? I’m already counting the change in my purse to see if I can snap up dear old Dene, my fellow party circuit slet, if only to gift you with piccies of him carrying my shopping bags down Kloof Street. Like, obvs he’ll be wearing a jocks n’ dog collar combo. Trust a girl to style a shot, okay…?

Love, love


P.S. Oops! I’ve just reread the press release and see that the highest bidder doesn’t get a manslave. Instead, you get an indulgent (big!) hamper and get to go on a group date after the night. Still, it’s certainly the kind of prize that makes digging into your purse worthwhile.

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