Glamour GQ Cape Town Fashion week Craig Port after party at The Reserve

Yes, yes; Cape Town Fashion Week (CTFW) is super fabulous and all that but the real action goes down at the after parties. And while there are always several to choose from, everyone knows that the party to be seen at is the Glamour GQ CTFW parties at The Reserve. Thus, I popped into the Thursday night bash after the Craig Port show.

Clouds, Karis Piss and myself being totes en vogue and not at all embarrassing.

The night was a blend of free-flowing Jameson’s cocktails…

Don’t mind if I do…

…plus f88 (Fashion TV’s ‘luxury energy drink’) and super hot boys; Bar One Manhunt boys to be exact.

Bar One Manhunt season two winner Lushwill Roussouw with the fTV girls.

As it turns out, personal trainer/model Lushwill is a super nice, salt of the earth-type of boy that you’d be very happy to take home to your mom and dad. The fact that he’s got washboard abs is just a nice li’l bonus, don’t you think?

Another gorgeous-looking creature out and about? Cosmo calendar hottie Bjorn Steinbach, who also happens to be a ridiculously talented actor. And I’m so not just saying that ‘cos he’s dating my beloved Karis Piss who might stab me in the neck with a broken champagne glass if I didn’t…

KP and Bjorntjie

Oh! And here’s another Bar One hottie for you; Dene Botha:

Dene and Alex.

If you want to see more of Dene sans suit, pay a quick visit to the Men’s Health Cover Guy competition on Facebook and give the dude your vote.

Now, do you see the pretty Natalie Portman clone next to Dean? That’s Alex McGregor. She and Bjorn have just finished filming Confinement, a German flick shot in Cape Town. He introduced her to me as ‘Alex who’s got a disgusting potty mouth just like you so you’re going to get on fabulously’ before adding that she’d also been in Spud.

Me: Ooh, I haven’t seen that yet. Who did you play?
Alex: (brightly) Oh me? I was the ugly slut.
Me: Oh, sorry, this music’s so loud, I thought you said ‘ugly slut’.
Alex: (happy as a clam) Yeah! I was the ugly slut!
Me to Bjorn: I dig your friend, she’s kiff…

Anyway, last night I gave her a quick google-stalk and found this:

Molo fish!

So ja… I’m now rather keen to check out Spud if only to find out how she pulled off the ‘ugly’ bit…

Anyway, let’s get back to the hot boys via actor/comic Siv Ngesi who was also out and about.

Siv et moi. (How scary does my hand look on his shoulder? Like some kind of possessive freaky Franken-claw…)

Siv’s got a new flick coming out called Copposites. It’s one of those Freaky Friday body-swap comedies where he plays a burglar dude that switches bodies with a regte Afrikaaner ex-cop/security guard (Rob van Vuuren). To check the trailer out, pop on over here.

Oh! And Jen Su was also out and about, rocking the cutest little ‘Olympic-inspired’ clutch:

Geri Halliwell would be proud…

Another fab l’il outfit was the zexy ‘leather’ dress from Mr P teamed with leopard Louboutin pumps worn by fashion blogger Ritza van Rensburg:

Ritza and Elrico Bellingan from Luxo

For the record, the little silver vest I wore beneath my blazer was a Mr P item too. I was there just last week and rather impressed with some of the new summer stuff they’ve gotten in. Even more impressive, have you SEEN their new online shop? Good God, it’s awesome! They’ve pretty much got the same ‘template’ as Forever 21 (the Mr P of the states). The catalogue includes pretty much EVERYTHING you’d find in the shop. It’s seriously game-changing stuff and I love that it sets the bar so ridiculously high for other local fashion chains. It’s about time SA got it’s game on. To check it out, pop on over here. And, if you’re interested, you’ll find my silver vest over here going for a mere R49,99.

Anyway, this was a great night out as are pretty much all events organised by glamtastic Jozi-based PR Jill Groger (Zebra Square).

Love, love


P.S. Clouds and I were also thrilled to discover out new summer drink; essentially whatever was in those Jameson’s cocktails. It was like a sweet but not too sweet refreshing blend with a hint of orange type thing. Clouds says she wormed the recipe out of one of the bar men and will include it in her blog post so I’ll be looking out for that.

4 thoughts on “Glamour GQ Cape Town Fashion week Craig Port after party at The Reserve

  1. Wow thanks for the heads up about Mr Price online, their site is very good, and their stuff is so cheap I can’t believe it! I don’t go into their stores because its embarrassing and also too many people and their quality sucks, but this web-site is tempting me to place an order, its so cheap you can wear the stuff n throw it away instead of washing it 🙂 Hopefully the items look nice in real life though….

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