Keen on a Dermalogica Pamper Party? They’re totally awesome!

If you’re one of the many rabid Dermalogica fans or keen to learn a bit more about the brand, a Dermalogica Pamper Party might be right up your alley. It involves hooking up with the Dermalogica girls at their Concept Space in Wembley Square so you and your friends (up to 12 of you in total) can receive your very own 20 minute ‘face mapping’ skin analysis session before getting up close and personal with the recommended products during a DIY Dermalogica facial tutorial.

The best bit? You’ll get to indulge in champers, gourmet canapés and sushi throughout and then walk away with a complimentary Dermalogica sample pack. But not before digging into dessert

Darling Leozette from Red Carpet Concepts was nice enough to invite myself and a few other bloggers to a session the other day so we could see what it was all about.

From L to R: Leo, me, Clouds from And Lollipops, Karis Piss from Love Affair with Cape Town and Allyson from Skinny Bitches in the Making.

On arrival, we got to tuck into champers (Simonsig Pinot Noir Rose, tres yum!) as well as Scheckter’s, a natural energy drink.

Champagne o’ clock!

I was thrilled to see the latter ‘cos I’m a huge fan (it tastes just like fizzy blackberry fruit pastilles!) and was feeling completely verlep after a super long day. Still, I managed to pay attention to my face mapping session ‘cos my therapist Carla, was very clued up.

What do you MEAN I’ve got a B in my section 2?!

I loved how she could tell me exactly which active ingredients (and what they did) were used in all the products I asked about. She also didn’t mind when hijacked her skin magnifying headset and pretended to be Lady Gaga.

You can’t skin map my poker face, bitch ass!

When it came to facial time, I played the diva bitch card and refused to take off my make-up as I’d had it done at a YOU photo shoot earlier in the day (I know, squeal, squeal! More deets on that later) and wanted to go home and show my boyfriend my new ‘I’m Totes a Soap Actress/related to Patricia Lewis’ look. Thing is, the day was so bloody long it had totally dissolved by the time I headed off so I now regret layering the products on my hands and opposed to my face ‘cos Clouds and Karis Piss clearly had so much fun:

Hands up if you’re a Dermalogica girl…

We also got to learn the secret to Allyson ‘Papa Smurf’ Scotsman’s baby soft skin…

Nothing comes between her and her Schick…

Of all the products we got to play with, I most like this boy:

Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture SPF 15 tinted moisturiser, R495.

I was given a little sample and have been using it on my ‘random running around days’; when I’m leaving the house and want a bit of coverage but don’t feel obliged to put on a full face of make-up. I like that I can literally squeeze it onto my fingertips then sommer massage it into my face like a moisturiser. No serious blending required. Also, I made a point of picking ‘medium’ as opposed to ‘light’ so it adds a slight healthy-looking glow to my skin.

Clouds and Karis, however, both fell in love with the Age Smart Antioxidant hydramist, R485:

It’s an instant pick me up in that it has ‘flash-firming properties’ and hydrates while fighting off cell damaging free-radicals.

When it was time to go, I’d scoffed so much delish sushi that I didn’t have room for dessert but Clouds got all crazy eyes and shoved a bit of crème brulee in my face, muttering something along the lines of ‘these people made an effort so you’ll fucking eat this, you Rude! Little! Bitch!

Good girls eat their Creme Brulee. Or else!

(As a side bar, you should know that this, in a nutshell, is why my ass is slowly creeping into Jessica Simpson territory. My world is awash with free dessert and everyone knows you don’t say no to free dessert.)

Anyway, upon leaving we all got a little Dermalogica goodie bag filled with generous samples. Yayness!

Want a pampering session for yourself? Get in touch with Dermalogica’s Concept Space in Wembley Square on (021) 465 5662 to book. It usually goes down on a Wednesday or Thursday night between 6 and 9 and costs R100 a head. This, however, is redeemable against a Dermalogica purchase on the day. And remember; do NOT fill up on the canapés… you Don’t. Say. No. To. Free. Dessert! Like ever…

A big dankie to Leo and the Dermalogica girls, this was super fun!

Love, love


P.S. Dermalogica are running a few nice specials at the moment; if you buy a Multivitamin Power Recovery masque for R585, you’ll get a mini MultiVitamin Thermafoliant exfoliator (it heats up on your skin!) and MultiVitamin hand & nail treatment for free:

Love freebies!

To check out more current Dermalogica specials, pop on over here.

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